How to Download Xmod Clash of Clans for Android and IOS


A long time ago, the trend of computing started, and since then it has become one of the most useful tools in every field of entertainment and gaming section. Many people are playing different games like Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and Asphalt 8 etc. for a very long time. Out of which the most popular game in trend is the clash of clans. This game is considered one of the most entertaining games due to its unique management strategy of gameplay.

In the clash of clans game is a multi-player game in which there are players belonging to different communities or clans. Here you will find a village where the members of your team or clan live. These members of the clan are sent to the world to face different missions and destroy the camps of the enemy. This game is divided into two different stages. Initially, the game starts with building structures and hiring citizens. In the later stage, the players face real-time strategy battles to show off their skills.

This game has received positive reviews and very high ratings as it is completely free and easy to download. Sometimes the users face many challenges while playing this game. To avoid these challenges, Xmodgames was developed to help out players in tough levels. Below is some important information that will help you to guide how to find out what is xmod clash of clans and how to download xmod clash of clans for android and IOS.


What is clash of clans game?

It is a game in which you can build your own villages as well as an army in the form of a team to defeat your enemy. This game is developed by supercell. This game has gained popularity worldwide since it has been released. It was released on IOS in 2012 and in Android in 2013. You can play the game by downloading Clash of Clans latest Mod.

What is xmod clash of clans?


In order to avoid tough levels of the game, Xmodgames was introduced that helps in the clash of clans hack. The xmod clash of clans is a tool that helps in modifying and hacking the games in Android and IOS. It helps to find, apply and assist modifications for various popular games. In addition, it also helps in increasing the gaming efficiency of the clash of clans. You can modify the unlimited number of games with the help of Xmod. Some of the features of Xmod clash of clans are listed below:

  • Easier to install and launch
  • Automatic features such as auto search,
  • Modify the games
  • Assist games with various modes
  • Comes with accelerators and mods for popular games
  • Automatically detects games present in the mobile phone and assist help

Before installing, it should be kept in mind that if you have an android device, then it should be rooted as it works only on rooted devices of Android. In rare cases, the Android device may work on the xmod clash of clans no root. Secondly, if you are using iOS devices, then there should be Jailbreak devices to use xmod in IOS. In some cases for you can download and install Xmod clash of clans no root.

To enjoy gaming, please go through the below steps on how to use xmod clash of clans:

Xmod clash of clans for Android Phone:

  • First of all, download the Xmodgames from plays store or other reliable sources
  • Enable unknown sources in your phone settings before installation
  • Provide the root permissions to the app after installation
  • After installation, Xmod will search for xmod for clash of clans
  • After installation, an icon appears that can be opened by clicking
  • You can click launch to start the game

Xmod clash of clans for IOS Phone:


  • For installing Xmod clash of clans for IOS device, firstly you need to jailbreak your device
  • After jailbreak Xmod gets easily installed on your IOS device
  • First of all open the Cydia app on iPhone or iPad
  • After this, a pop-up appears on the screen where the user is required to click on “sources” option
  • Then click on “Edit” option from the pop-up screen and tap on the “Add” option from the screen that pops up after you click on “Edit”.
  • After clicking on add button, a pop-up again appears that ask you to add Cydia/APT URL
  • Enter “” and the Xmodgames will start downloading
  • The Xmod clash of clans will be installed automatically
  • For installing Xmod clash of clans no jailbreak, you have to download and install it using .deb file in your IOS device

How to update Clash of Clans mod?

In some cases, Xmod does not work on outdated versions of the game. Therefore user should update this app timely. Before upgrading, it should be kept in mind that the game should be of the latest version. Updating Clash of Clans Xmod is very easy, you just need to open the app, go to the menu and update the app.

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Xmod Clash of Clans ban

In order to facilitate fair play, most of the game developers have ordered Clash of Clans Xmod ban. You can see the review of many people regarding this ban on Xmod Clash of Clans Facebook page. Playing a game with xmod can create a problem for you because if the developer of any game recognises that the user is playing by using Xmod Clash of Clans, it may suspend or terminate your account from the game. Many people have removed Xmod Clash of Clans due to the banning of their account permanently. If you want to remove Clash of Clans Xmod make sure you delete all the files related to Xmod in your system as it may lead to permanent ban.

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Xmod Clash of Clans can improve gaming experience by using multiple mods available in the app. It offers group of gamers with same interest that can share their views and hack to others ideas by recording the gameplay.

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