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Rooting allows you to get system level access to your mobile device’s operating systems. By rooting your phone, you will be able to make use of features and capabilities that have been intentionally disabled by the manufacturer. It gives you full access to restricted content and functions. Also, it boosts your phone’s performance and extends battery life. Additionally, rooting your phone allows you to use some customized apps and themes. This is why Poot APK was built for.

The process of rooting your phone and getting unlimited access is not necessarily handy. Typically, you need a desktop application or software. These are not always easy to navigate and use. However, you can easily solve that problem and conveniently root your phone quickly using the tool we are presenting. While there are plenty of rooting applications online, Poot is one of the best alternatives out there for seamlessly rooting your device.

This Android APP is available for free and can be used off the shelf to root your device. Using this app requires little or no technical knowledge. You also don’t need to download any PC software to root your mobile phone with Poot APK. You simply download the app, and with some simple tweaks, it roots your device within a few minutes.

Installing Poot APK on mobile

Poot is a simple and easy-to-use mobile application. The process of downloading and installation is quite straightforward. However, you have to ensure you download it only from trusted sources to get the best results and avoid complications while rooting your device. The APP is a third-party tool. This means you can’t directly go to Google PlayStore to download it. Fortunately, you can still download the Poot mobile application completely free of charge right here.

You can download the APK directly on your mobile device. However, if you are using a computer, you can also download the file and transfer it to your mobile phone for installation. Since Poot APK is a third party application, you will need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources to allow installation of the APK. You can easily find this feature under your phone’s security settings. Setup can begin once you have enabled your phone to permit installation of apps from other sources. The process will only take some minutes. With the installation done, you can now open the application to start rooting your phone.

Rooting your phone with Poot

Once the app is installed and loaded up, it will prompt you to install the Ministro II mobile service. This APP serves as a bridge between different APPs and your mobile device. It installs Qt libraries on your device, an essential requirement that will ensure Poot works properly while rooting your phone. Ministro II is available on Google PlayStore. By clicking yes on the download prompt, Poot directs you to PlayStore to install Ministro II.

Poot Ministro Root

To begin rooting your phone, open up the Poot app again and select the “Press Here to Root”.

The next screen displayed will show you three options. Select the first one, which is “Superuser”, and wait as your device starts rooting automatically. Reboot your phone once the process is complete. By following these steps, rooting your mobile phone should proceed smoothly without any interference or complications.

Additional guidelines for using Poot

Note that there is a possibility that this app is unable to root your phone. This usually happens if your phone has a locked boot-loader. In this unlikely case, you might want to try another rooting app to root your device. However, Poot works for most devices and should work for you as well.

One crucial aspect of using this rooting tool, or any other similar one, is that you will no longer have a warranty for your device. So, bare in mind rooting is risky, and you should take this into account before using this APP.


That’s a wrap on how to use Poot APK to root your mobile device. Be sure always to follow recommended rooting practices and guidelines. Also, use only trusted apps for rooting.

In all, rooting your phone offers a lot of benefits including allowing you gain access to many of the restricted features on your device, freeing up space on your phone and increasing the speed, performance and battery life. But it also has some downsides as well as it nullifies the manufacturer’s warranty and might cause issues like Bricking or root access problem for your device.

If you are a curious and technical person and want to explore what the manufacturer of the phone developed, but not for all users, feel free to download the tool we have presented.

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