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Greenify Donation APK

It is always the case that, whenever we get a new cellphone it works fast and be the best mobile phone in the world, but later as we install important apps in it, slowly-slowly it gets slower and also get hungry for battery and then we start to hate our phone. This should never happen in any case. So to solve this issue one can get Greenify app on your device. Geenify shows its effect from the first day and your cell phone works smoothly than ever after.

Greenify not only do this, it also helps you to identify and put all the unwanted, misbehaving apps into hibernation. So one can use it any time but when they are not in use they stay there and it doesn’t even harm your phone anymore. Also, it improves the speed of your phone and eliminates all the factors which are responsible for lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an awesome way.

The Greenify app not only protects your phone from lagging and leeching, but it will also preserve your phone from other harmful threats and prepare it for full functionality. Also, the app runs in the background, which is quite similar to iOS apps.

Greenify Donation APK is latest released additional donation package, which is offered to the original Greenify pro-APK. It lets all the android users hibernate their unused or not using the app in the background, so your device can run faster than before, just like a brand new cell phone. That is the reason Greenify donation package is such an important and essential app for all of us. And one should always keep this for the betterment of phone and its maintenance.


Characteristics of Greenify Donation APK

  • Never allow greenify app for your messaging or calendar or alarm app, always apply to greenify to those apps which are used wisely and you rely on them.
  • Compare all other popular tools which exhibit similar purpose. Greenify offers too many advantages as follows.
  • There is need to freeze and unfreeze the app in any case. Like freeze feature present in the titanium backup pro, that disable the app. In greenify, one can still use the app like you use it as usual.
  • One can take all the advantages and benefits provided not like ‘Autostarts’, also the app never allows you to lose functionality when the other apps are running. Also, the existing complexities and risk components are eliminated.
  • Your app will never fall into any kind of task killing and get trap in cat-mouse-game on aggressive killing and steady running process. All these features reduce the unnecessary battery consumption and many more.
  • There is a specialty of Greenify app that it never requires background cleaning to put the app in hibernation, in any case of the app when you are using it or act on it. Its design and implementation are very light and hence it is known as the lightweight. Suppose you have an average RAM then it takes the only 3M of its total volume and almost zero battery consumption is done.

Advancement in 3.9.9


  • It rolls out via hidden sync and also it conquers the app.
    Roll-up created by any content provider part can be eliminated.
  • Approachability service is not required anymore. If no apps are available in hibernation mode during the period of normal hibernation.
  • Background free feature is improved and more qualified on the new android 8+
  • There is no interface noticed while ‘Ignore background-free’ with ‘Ignore running state’.
  • Also, it fixes all the minor in-correction noticed in new Android 8+
  • It fixes all the compatibility which are noticed on keeping notification on Android 8+
  • It activates boost mode.
  • Allows all the apps present in the system to get Greenfield due to Greenify.
  • It automatically pushes GCM message, so all the app present in hibernation gets activated.
  • Greenify app allows all the notification to pop up even when the app is activated in the hibernation process.
  • It also activates the App Block and maintains a state of abuse.
  • Rolling up tracker is activated.
  • Both rolling up and block app only works in the presence of Xposed app else they can’t get activated.
  • And many other features are also provided with more advancement in it.

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Greenify Donation APK Information

APK Name: Greenify Donation APK
APK Version: 3.8.5
Last Updated On: November 07, 2017
Total Downloads: 34,435+
Android Version Required: ‎Android 3.1 & higher
APK Size: 3.1 MB
Developers name: Oasis Feng

Installation Process of Greenify Donation APK

  1. One has to remove all the old versions of the Greenify app and donation package.
  2. Now install the latest compatible Greenify Pro APK
  3. Download Xposed installer with the help of this link.
  4. Later install the ‘Framework’ in the ‘Xposed Installer’ and then in the module activate ‘Greenify’.
  5. The, just open the Xposed installer, and choose Greenify from the module tab, then open the framework tab and install it.
  6. Reboot the smartphone, this is much needed for the better working of the app and the cellphone.
  7. Turn on the cell phone and enjoy the app completely.

As the Greenify fixes many harmful threats it fixes ‘Sleep and hibernates’ which is a shortcut, do not sleep if no other app is in hibernation process. It fixes check-up of background free apps in few cases on Android 4.x-7.x

Logging is added for the prescription to assist the other prescription development and the access becomes more easy and versatile. Further new notification keeper a known plugin coming for upcoming revolution reloaded.

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Final Verdict

In any case, your phone is full of many apps, as you always need so many apps which comes in your use, and any time due to cache data and many other viruses and threats your cellphone gets slow even at times your battery starts getting drains. Greenify Donation package pro version resolve all these basic problems easily and quickly. The apps have many other features which make it more useful and essential at the same time. It works regardless of your current android version and works like and wonderful app by providing all the promising advantages. In any case of queries just hit the comment section below.

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