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Everyone wants to be rich and famous …
Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel APK provides an incredibly unique gaming experience. Live the day-to-day life of an aspiring vlogger and progress your following and celebrity status to stardom! Keep your character happy and improve their success and status on YouTube. Starting in your avatar’s teenage-bedroom, you’ll work your way from a nobody to a global star – all the while having to balance the pressures from school and work life.

As well as talking you through the cool features of the game, we’ll explain the benefits of downloading the MOD APK edition of the game – which is the hassle-free version that will save your real money and time, as well as enhancing the fun.

Key Features

Who remembers The Urbz: Sims in the City? If you can picture that, then you’ll be able to grasp the gameplay of this. The graphics are fun (not just the ones your character puts in their videos), and the gameplay is genuinely smooth. YouTubers Life: Gaming Channel is a simulated journey, not just a game, with so many cool features that are unique to your average game.

Customize your Character

Youtubers Life Custom Character

…from head to toe. What’s unique about this particular game is that your appearance isn’t just for your amusement. The hairstyles and clothes that you wear matter to your fans, and you have to ability to change these throughout the game. So listen to your followers’ opinions (comments) about what they want to see from you!

Create your own videos

Create your own videos

To become the world’s most fabulous vlogger, you’ll have to start from the bottom, and with the basics for video editing. You’ll spend your time working on your videos, using cool effects and ensuring a good standard of quality. The better your videos, the more your following will grow.
Work hard, play hard – enjoy everything that comes with it…

More to Life than YouTube

Get Subscribers

Success doesn’t come overnight, so in the meantime, you’ll have to balance your school and work life. You’ll even have your mom on your case during exams! Your character is, in essence, your Sim, so keep them happy and meet their needs — cook, listen to music, hang out with friends, your avatar can even find love. And don’t let them feel cooped-up in their lonely bedroom, there’s a world full of parties and events to explore…

Bigger than Jesus!

Build a following with as many subscribers as possible. You’ll put the work in with your videos as well as befriending the influential acquaintances and contacts you’ll seek out in the world outside your bedroom. Such as parties and gaming conventions. Grow and grow your popularity to reach stardom status!

Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams…

Get Rich

Be careful to manage your money through this tycoon game, but you’ll come to a point in which you’ll have more money to know what to do with! Starting from your bedroom, you’ll work your way to a student studio apartment, all the way to a Playboy-esque Mansion… Wait, did someone say “yacht”?! You can decorate it all, so get online and buy anything you want – don’t forget to treat your avatar to some beautiful things too!

Download Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel Mod APK

Building a sensational “YouTube following” is hard enough, but balancing your school, work, and social life as well is nigh on impossible. Sometimes we all need a little help in hand… The MOD APK version of Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel offers unlimited money, which is the primary prohibition of succeeding in the game at a favorable rate. By not having to worry about money, you can treat your avatar to the clothes and furniture they deserve. What’s maybe more important is that you’ll be able to purchase the best webcam technologies and features to put in your character’s videos. You’ll also have unlimited talent points so that you can create the neatest possible videos, how convenient!

To get real for a moment, the in-app products of Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel range from £3.49 – £5.99 per item. You may be a resilient person, but it would take the patience of a saint not to be tempted into using real money to buy coins and certain in-app items so that you can get through the days faster, build your “following” quicker to reach your avatar’s dream mansion…

Why download the Mod version?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Talent Points

Installation Guide

  •  If you already have YouTubers Life: Gaming channel, delete the app (don’t worry, you won’t lose any progress).
  • Click here to download the app.
  • Scroll down and click the ‘XXXXXXX’ button.
  • When the page opens, scroll down and await the countdown to change to ‘XXXXXXXX’.
  • Click download again and wait.
  • When the download has finished, open, and install.
  • Either open the game or go into your Apps where this is now saved. Enjoy!


YouTubers Life: Gaming Channel is a very cool simulation/tycoon game in which you’ll live the life of your avatar who is an aspiring vlogger seeking celebrity status and the money that comes with it! The game has a lot of cool features — such as the fun graphics, customizable features of your character’s house, the ability to edit and publish the videos you create yourself, and playing day-to-day to build up to being rich and famous.

One aspect that gets in the way of enjoyment is the lack of money your avatar has or can possibly earn. Having to focus more on your work life brings attention away from your character’s videos and their roaring social life – which is what the game is all about, right?! The MOD APK version of Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel provides unlimited money, so you don’t have this to worry about. You can refer to our easy-to-use installation guide to access this.
So get downloading and get vlogging!

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