10 Best Free Fishing Games

Fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes as a sport or a fun family activity. In our busy society, people can’t always get to the great outdoors with their fishing poles and bait. A great alternative is to play fishing simulation or arcade games on the internet. There are many fishing games available for play on PC or on a smartphone. Take a look at these 10 best free fishing games we love.

1. Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game. Bass Hunting 3D


This game is one of the most popular free fishing games with over 5 million current players. You can face other players in PvP where the goal is to catch better fish species faster than your opponent. Using a gaming mouse with faster response time (take a look at some options here) would put you above the competition in these PvP events. Besides 3D graphics and real-world areas, they have other special timed events. You can also enhance yourself with upgrades to lures, poles, gear, and buffs.

2. Master Bass Angler: Free Fishing Game


Master Bass Angler is a bass only fishing game. It is not a simulator, but an action arcade game. There are 6 fishing spots where you can catch various types of bass. There are free daily tournaments, multiplayer PvP, bonus rounds, level ups and more. It boasts that it’s easy to learn with its “swipe-to-cast” controls. You can also upgrade your lure and gear. All lake locations are in the United States.

3. Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch


Rapala Fishing is a fishing game for everyone no matter their age. This game has simple controls to make it easy to learn and play. There is unlimited fishing and beautiful graphics as well. You can compete in daily fishing tournaments and improve your skills with gear upgrades. There are 24 different locations to fish in.

4. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch


Another easy to learn and play 3D graphics fishing game, Ace Fishing boasts realistic fish movements and realistic physics of fishing. You can customize your fishing rods with different lengths and types of fishing line just like you can in real life. There are locations to fish all around the world. There are also fishing tournaments with global rankings. Like other games, you can upgrade your equipment and add accessories to enhance your skills.

5. Monster Fishing 2018


Monster Fishing is a game that does not require the internet to play. You can fish for whales along with over 250 other fish species. There are 30 spots to go fishing all around the world in this fishing simulation game. It has 3D graphics and it boasts that you can enjoy playing this game in its entirety without spending any money. They automatically give you free fishing gear but you still have the option to upgrade it.

6. Fishing Hook


Fishing Hook is another game that does not require an internet connection to play. It supports 16 different languages. As you’re fishing, you can give fish damage to bring them closer to you. If you release the challenge fish, the game gives you stronger and more expensive challenge fish in the future. The game is designed to feel like real fishing.

7. Ridiculous Fish Master: Go Fishing


This fishing game is different from other games as it is not a fishing simulation game. It is an arcade style game where your hook goes down into the water and you can see your hook and the fish you’re trying to catch. It’s a newer but simple game. You can upgrade your fishing gear and gun and dive deeper. What’s also different is you don’t only catch fish, but you shoot them too to collect coins.

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8. Super Dynamite Fishing


This is another unrealistic but fun arcade style fishing game. This one offers many types of explosives and huge ships to choose from. There are daily quests and rewards. The game boasts crazy characters and a story line that is sure to add laughs and additional fun to the game play. You can fish in rivers, lakes, and the sea and earn “dynamite dollars.” There are bills to pay with the money you earn in the game, but you can also upgrade your explosives and your ships for better fishing results.

9. Ultimate Fishing Simulator


As the name implies, this is a fishing simulator game. The graphics are set to be realistic. There are 12 real fishing locations in 6 cities from around the world. This game boasts a wide selection of equipment and tackle and has many species of fish. Like other games, there are fishing tournaments to complete with other players. There are also other fishing activities. For a more relaxing and realistic fishing simulator game, this maybe the most fun option to spend some time relaxing.

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10. Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon


Hooked Inc is an arcade fishing game. Like other games, you can upgrade your equipment and boat. But what is different about this game is you can also recruit and upgrade your own crew! You can unlock items and new features and catch rare and epic fish. You can build your own fishing empire and find hidden treasures. There are also multiplayer fishing tournaments. This game offers many things to keep it fun and interesting.

No matter what type of fishing game is your favorite, whether simulators or arcades, there are many free options for every type of game player on PC or smart phone. Some are designed to be relaxing and others are designed to be crazy and exciting. No matter your mood, there are many quality games to choose from.

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