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Pandora is among the top music player and radio apps today. With it, you can listen to your favorite tracks and tune into your favorite radio stations wherever you may be. However, the premium version is not a free app. You will have to pay a subscription fee to be able to use it. The monthly payment is quite high that many people would rather not pay for it. Fortunately, you can turn to the Pandora Premium APK to be able to enjoy streaming music wherever and whenever you wish.

The company offers a multi-platform music streaming service that is available on Android and iOS. This highly rated service is well-loved by people who are fond of music. It provides a wide range of high-quality songs from countless artists around the world. You can even download tracks for offline listening. It also features a smart suggestion function that offers other tracks for listening based on your listening behavior and preferences.

Pandora Premium APK Benefits

There are many benefits of using the paid version. Here are a few of the highlights. Before experiencing the features of the APK, remove the Google Play version and download the file from the bottom of the article. Install the platform,  register an account if you don’t have any and fill in the requested info. Then enjoy the vast variety of features:

Switch between Basic and Premium Anytime!

In the United States, subscription to the service costs $10 a month. And the premium version does give you a lot of perks, but if you ever want to save some money, you don’t have to cancel service completely. You can keep your account, with all of your thumbs up, thumbs down, and radio stations still active. Then, you won’t have to pay a single cent to have access to more than 40 million songs the service offers.  Then, if you ever get tired of hearing the ads or miss the other benefits of the paid service, you can switch back!

Download Songs for Offline Listening

You can download your favorite songs for offline listening. This means that you don’t need to be connected to a WiFi connection or use data to be able to enjoy your favorite tracks.

Pandora Music

Skip Songs Multiple Times

With this app, you can skip songs as many times as you want. Usually, you can only skip a certain number of songs with the updated version. And while the player does learn your preferences, it can take time. It also sometimes throws in some odd choices that you’d rather skip. So, this adds the great function to enjoy only the songs you want to listen to. It’s especially useful if you are want to use the player for most of the day. In short, skipping songs gives you greater flexibility in enjoying online content.

Create Playlists

Another advantage is that you can create your own playlists. Whether it is a collection of your favorite ’80s tracks or the songs that remind you of your childhood, you can add songs to your own customized playlist. This makes using the app even more convenient.

Pandora Playlists

Create Radio Stations

As a music streaming service, you can create your own free radio station, giving you complete control of your listening experience. It is up to you whether your station caters to pop music or rock music. All you need to do is choose an existing station to customize or start a new one. You can use your favorite artist or song as the base. The system will also make song suggestions that you may wish to add to your collection. Moreover, you can share your radio station with your friends and colleagues.

Pandora Radio Stations

View Lyrics and Information about Artists

One of the coolest features is the option to display the lyrics and information about the artists. You simply have to click “See All” o be able to read the lyrics full-screen. Moreover, you can view bits of information about the artist of the song you are listening to, including awards and other favorite songs.

Enjoy other Premium Functions

You can also enjoy functions like a shutdown timer. You can choose to have the timer shut down in 15, 30, or 60 minutes. This will come in handy at night as you can fall asleep without having to worry about shutting down the app. Additionally, you can use a song from your library as your alarm. These are just two of the added functions that you can have access to this app.

App Summary

To sum things up, Pandora Premium APK is one program you’ll definitely want to install on your mobile device. It gives you access to all the features of the paid version

With it, you can create your own playlists and free radio stations. You can share these with your friends and family members. The app will even give you suggestions of songs based on your listening preferences or behavior.

You can also download songs. That will come in handy when you don’t have access to a WiFi connection. The program is also smart enough to provide you with information and lyrics for your favorite songs. Speaking of songs, you can always skip tracks you don’t want to listen to. In short, you can have total control of your listening experience.

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