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Picture it: Kentwood High school, the sassy, confident new girl who wants to make a name for herself. Episode: Choose Your Story MOD APK is based on a real-life emulation game. The choices you make for your character directly affect your relationships with the people at the school. Earn admiration, ignite desire, and instill fear. Build your following and take over the school! Go on dates, pursue love, and befriend students and teachers to get what you want. Nothing will stand in your way! Moreover, if they do, your sidekick and the rest of your squad will always have your back.

Episode: Choose Your Story is massively popular, and due to this, it has millions of downloads. If people were aware of the MOD version, which is essentially the hassle-free version, the number of downloads might be in the billions! Here’s why.

Key Features

Episode: Choose Your Story is an interactive game in which you as the player decide your character’s fate – done so by making decisions throughout the game that impact the path your character follows, and the relationships they build – good or bad. The concept is neat and very useful. Be the character in your favorite kinds of stories: love, romance, and adventure.

Design your Character


Choose Your Story - Party

Starting with appearance and name, design your character exactly how you want her. Starting with the clothes of your choice, you continue to make outfit choices throughout the game. Here’s the important part – what you’re wearing will affect your relationships! Being a Plain Jane may not get you much admiration, but if you choose the right outfits, from sassy to sexy, you’ll get everyone’s attention and be the hottest girl at school.

You Choose Your Path

You’ll make decisions of what to say to your peers, enemies, and love interest. Different choices mean different fates – the options are endless! Consequently, each decision will take your character in a different direction and affect relationships with different people. Some for better, some for worse. It’s in your hands…

Develop Relationships

Build your squad and have them become your worshippers. Make permanent members of your group that will always have your back in arguments – no more so than the sidekick you’ll choose. Will you go for the affectionate Plain Jane or the loyal GBF? Some of the kids at school will be harder to convert, but dress right, choose your words wisely, and you’ll be sure to be the most popular girl at Kentwood High! Choose your dates, befriend students and teachers, all the while pursuing love, your ultimate crush.

Different Stories

There are lots of different journeys for you and your character to embark on as you live through each one. The Kiss List, Love Life, and The Baby Project are just the first ones of tens of thousands of stories…

Choose Your Baby Story

Download Episode: Choose Your Story MOD APK

The choices sound great, but in reality, the more desirable choices cost you money. Each step of the way (every single decision) requires 20 ‘gems’, and you get none to start with, so you’d have to use your own money to buy some. Most decisions revolve around better outfits, which as explained directly affect your success in your game. So unless you’re willing to settle looking like a basic b!#@h then you’re going to have to pay for the hotter outfits. You’d also have to pay to pursue love interests and seek the better paths and storylines in the game. Each ‘episode’ costs one pass, so you’ll either have to wait to play more or be lured in again into spending your real money. Paying the sum of 20 gems is simply the standard rate for items, as they range from £0.19 – £83.62 in the game’s internal store.

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It’s a good job you can downloading Episode: Choose Your Story MOD APK … Why? UNLIMITED gems and passes. So by only using the easy-to-use installation guide provided below, you can make the best decisions and pursue the best storylines – completely free.

Episode Free Passes

Why download the Mod version?

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Passes


Episode: Choose Your Story is a simulation game in which you live through your characters and make all the decisions. So, each step you take impacts the storylines and the relationships your character develops. It’s a hugely popular game, and why shouldn’t it be, right? However, this type of game is designed to lure players into spending real money for the game’s better storyline outcomes and better features. Downloading the MOD APK relieves this frustration. It allows you to make the best out of the critically-acclaimed game without wasting your own money and time. The MOD version of Episode: Choose Your Story allows your character to look hotter, succeed more and faster in the game and grants you the better storylines. It’s a cool game, enhanced dramatically by the MOD APK.

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