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As most of you might already know, Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK is one of the most engaging Visual Novel games. These types of games have established a particular reputation in the world of gaming. Compared to other genres, visual novels are merely text-based and are often characterized by being less challenging. Despite the apparent simplicity, Visual Novel is full of compelling plots that will put the player’s creative imagination on a test. Interestingly, the genre is not really new. It originated in Japan and was later adapted in the Western world.

Visual novels are present in various gaming platforms from video game consoles to PC. I still remember a massive resurgence of the genre during the time when browser games (flash games) were at their peak. From Romantic drama to fantasy and thriller! Name it! There’s a visual novel dedicated for each category.


Now that everyone is embracing the mobile device as the newest gaming platform, it is not really surprising to see a lot of visual novel game apps on your Playstore. In fact, they are much better and well-crafted. Pixelberry Studios’ Choices: Stories You Play is probably one of the leading games from this category.

Unlike the classic visual novels games that we used to play on our browsers, Choices: Stories You Play will not just focus on a single storyline. In fact, it is more like a portal of not just hundreds, but thousands of stories every player can freely explore. The Mod APK we are providing will give you access to a vast library of different scenarios for various genres.

The game takes you to various short stories and major series. Tracing back its humble beginning, Choices: Stories You Play initially offers three main genres including romance, fantasy, and mystery. As time passed by, the mobile app eventually expanded to many other genres which give players more reason to play the game. Above all, each series is divided into books, and each book is composed of multiple chapters which provide each story commendable longevity. If you are into such genre, feel free to download Choices Stories You Play Mod APK and see what else this app has to offer.

Stories You Play MoD APK - Riley

The Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are straightforward and easily manageable. It basically captures the classic point of click gameplay that we used to enjoy while adding some noteworthy features on it to make the game even more engaging.

As soon as the game begins, you will have to select your preferred genre. In my case, I had  three options: Young Adults, Romance and Vampire. After choosing a category, the app prompts you to the first chapter of the featured story which will also serve as a tutorial.

The game is generally text-based, so it definitely requires a lot of reading. If you are looking for some hardcore action, this may not be the right game for you, but if you are such a bookworm, these visualized novels will suit you well.

Everything in this game is tap-based. As the story progresses, you will encounter a lot of decision-making phase. This is where the challenge comes in. As what the title of the game implies, the game is all about choices. What really makes the game even more interesting is the fact that it comes with multiple endings.

Be mindful that once you download the Mod APK on your mobile, the story will generally conclude depending on the choices you have made. If it’s a romance drama, you might end up engaging in a different character. It captures the classic element of visual novels where decisions often affect the relationship with other characters. If you are lucky enough, you can always end up with a happy ending. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can always restart the chapter and see what happens if you picked a different path.

Stories You Play MoD APK - Chapter done

Timed Choices and Diamonds

This game is more than just a simple decision-making challenge. Eventually, you will encounter choices that come with a price. Some options are timed and will only give you a few seconds to decide. This is the reason why you have to pay attention to every detail you are reading rather than skipping the dialogues just to expedite the situation. It is essential to focus on the aspects in order to come up with an appropriate answer. Otherwise, you might end up on a different path of the story.

Diamonds, on the other hand, act as the premium currency in this game. You can obtain diamonds in three different ways. First is through microtransaction. Players can avail bundles using real money where packages come in 20 to 1500 pieces of diamonds per purchase. Another way to earn Diamonds is to finish an entire chapter. While players will be rewarded with diamonds after completing an episode, however, the prize is not really generous as you can only earn a single or two per chapter. The third option is through rewarded videos. You can watch an ad and receive a diamond in return.

Diamonds have great value in this game. Some choices will cost diamonds. Interestingly, this will lead you to exclusive scenes which can significantly affect your relationship with other characters in the story. You can also use diamonds to purchase outfits or earn a relationship boost.

Stories You Play MoD APK - The royal romance

Keys and Choices Library

Much like the Diamonds, Keys are also a massive part of this game. Using keys, you will unlock any chapter of any stories. Each section will cost you a key. Interestingly, you only have a maximum of two keys in this game, and after consuming one, you’ll get another key for free after two hours. Therefore, if you used both keys, you have to wait for another four hours to get them back. You can, however, purchase additional keys via the in-game shop. You can get a maximum of 150 pieces per purchase.

Heading over to the main menu, you will encounter various tabs on the lowermost panel. The “Featured” section will showcase all the featured contents including the newly released chapter, monthly featured stories and other recommended stories catered for you. Under the “Browse” section, you can search for a particular series based on their respective categories. You also get a heads up about the upcoming releases.

“My Books” section allows you to archive your favorite books and also displays all the books you have completed. The Reward Section is where you can watch ads and collect Diamond rewards in return.

To sum it up

With regularly updated books and tons of great stories to explore, this is indeed a great addition to your mobile game list. It feels like reading Pocket Books where you take control of your own story.

To top it all, the game is enhanced with beautiful western-inspired illustrations which makes it a lot more appealing. The only downside of this game is the ungenerous reward system which sometimes forces the players to buy diamonds, especially if they are really engaged with the story. Other than that, the game is absolutely worth playing!

Currently, the game is available for both iOS and Android devices. For your convenience, you can download Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK directly to your device. Good luck and have fun!

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