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Are you ready for a fantasy RPG packed with brilliant graphics, gameplay, and action? Summoners War MOD APK may be just what you are looking for. From playing against AI to playing against players teams or players in live action, there is a little for everyone and anyone to enjoy! With already half a decade in the branch, Summoners War is still gaining popularity. That is because the South Korean game developer, Com2uS, is continuously adding new features to the game. No surprise it has over 100 million downloads worldwide.

With a massive collection of over 1000 different monsters that may be used, the game is certainly not lacking in depth. You may assemble multiple teams as you attempt to get the most out of this game! Be sure to strap yourself in, because it is a wild (but fun) ride!


You probably remember Final Fantasy, the old school RPG, right? Of course, from that time (before World War 1 🙂 ) onward, a lot of similar games, such as Brave Frontier, League of Angels, Skylanders, King of Fighters and so on, completed this niche.

Well, the game-play in Summoners War is similar to these games. Although the action is turn-based, the monsters’ speed stats is influencing the hitting order. We shall consider how the fight unrolls shortly. In this section, you will find advice regarding runes, stats, monsters, combat, and statistic builds.

Runes & Stats

As stated above, stats will influence the battle, and you can adjust them. From the swift set increasing your base speed by 25%, or the violent set giving you a 22% chance of getting an additional attack, there are over 20 combinations possible. This is done by selecting what runes you would like your monsters to have. For each monster, you will see what sets is recommended. In addition to this, runes that you apply have built-in stats of their own. Plan them wisely as there are limited slots for these runes.

Monsters & Combat

Summoners Battle

Pretty much the same as in Pokemon Go, you could find and unlock a ton of monsters.

Now, monsters are given stars to be ranked. While a 1-star monster is a weak one, the 6 stars ones are the best. They can come either natural with 1-5 stars, but you can also invest in monsters until they reach 6 stars. Each and every one of them has different skills. In conclusion, HP, speed, attack and defense stats, plus the probability to hit critically will differ from monster to monster.

They can be common or rare ones, we have also prepared a list for you. From obvious reasons, we will resume to the most common ones. For those of you that do not see the motive of doing so, well, the article would be way too long if we are to talk about all monsters. Not that we even know them all :).

  • Water Garuda (2)
  • Water Hellhound (2)
  • Fire Harpu (2)
  • Wind Pixie (2)
  • Wind Warbear (2)
  • Fire Gryphon (3)
  • Water Epikon Priest (3)
  • Water Mystic Witch (3)
  • Fire Harg (3)
  • Fire High Elemental (3)
  • Wind Gryphon (3)

Monsters can have five different elements. These are Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. The first three are very much the most common, and have a cyclical advantage over another element, like rock, paper, scissors. In this case, it is Fire > Wind > Water > Fire. Conclusively, you create an advantage when attacking the element it is strong against, you will deal normal damage against its own element, and you will create disadvantage against the element that it is weak to. Light and Dark both have an increased critical rate against each other, while hitting and being hit by the other elements deal normal damage.


Like in every RPG, the same is happening for this game, the strategy is key to the game. Play it smart instead of playing it much. Know that it is not the case that the same team will work well against all enemies. High damage dealers are great, but they are not the best choice in all battles, as some of the enemies absorb well physical damage .

Summoners War Strategy

Meanwhile, others can be taken out when using stun/sleep/freeze spells, while others again are best approached by hitting them with stat debuffs (like attack reduction or glancing hit increase). Rune builds shall be very important as well. This is because rune build emphasizes some stats, so be sure to have an idea as to what you want from the very beginning!

Social & Events

Having friends means you can send and receive social points daily, which may be used for summoning monsters. Additionally, joining a guild is beneficial as it gives you access to all guild related game modes, the shop, and rewards. Events happen regularly, so keep an eye open on them!

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Summoners War MOD APK Details

We reached to the moment when you will find out what the modded version has to add to this already complete game. We have listed you the benefits of downloading and installing Summoners War MOD APK:

MOD v1:

  • One Hit without high Damage
  • Low HP
  • Fast Monsters – Always getting the first turn.
  • Cheat Popup Bypassed

MOD v2:

  • Instant Win
  • Easy Win
  • Low HP
  • Fast Monsters – Always getting the first turn.
  • MOD Variation depending on teammates
  • Cheat Popup Bypassed

Final Thoughts

Fantastic designs and beautiful mechanics, together with a well-thought story, make this game an emblematic RPG!  There is so much content into Summoners War that you will think there are more developers putting time and effort into this game than users :).

Moreover, from time to time, the monsters get nurfed if they become too buff. So old turns into new, and some weaker monsters become tougher and vice-versa. The reason behind is to prevent players from using the same techniques and characters and to place other monsters in the flashlight as well.

Use this article as a reference if you need advice on monsters, or are having trouble remembering any details. Let us know how you got on in the comments, and take care!

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