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In 1984, Akira Toriyama created a couple of staggering anime series that quickly spread in the entire world. Dragon Ball was and still is one of the most upstanding anime of its kind. Since then, fans all over the world are enjoying different flavors of this anime. The one which we will approach today refers to Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. We really hope this will trigger your interest.

What actually is this game all about, well, to begin with, it is a role-playing game, which features real-time fights. The purpose of this anime RPG is to develop your hero. How? Win battles, in single player mode, alongside your team, or in multiplayer mode, earn experience and currency. Then use the exp to build a striking skill set and the currency to acquire reliable equipment.

Notable Features

Now, with an emphasis for the newbies, we will present you some of the notable features Dragon Ball Legends comes equipped with. For instance, graphics and sounds are great, even excellent if you think it is a mobile game.

Enhanced graphics

Dragon Ball Legends Cards

No game would be exciting if it has poor graphics. However, this is not the case here. The graphics make it rather feel like a console game, than a mobile one. 60 frames per second, brighter colors, sharper images, all contribute to the outstanding video quality. Of course, someone has to pay for this quality, this would be the battery, which will be a bit stressed out. For a 30 minutes intensive playing, the battery will drop 10-15% on a performant mobile.

Character voicing

You have to love the indecipherable screening voices of the characters in this game. Of course, for some, these sounds really have a meaning. If someone disagrees with this, apologies, no offense meant. However, the sound effects in this game are just beautiful. These voices will bring vivid memories of the Dragon Ball film, therefore refining, even more, the gaming experience.

Daily missions

For better character development, you better perform these daily missions. Above all, this is the best source of z-levels, GSP tickets, and crystals. For the lazy fans, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK came out.  Anyways, these daily challenges will only take 5 minutes of your time.

Soul boost

Dragon Ball Legends Soul Boost

Unlocking the boost panes in the soul boot board will enable a player to upgrade his or her character. Although some of these upgrades might appear minor to individual statistics, you will ultimately add up. Most times, you will use the Zeni (non-premium) currency to unlock my new boost panes. Also, completing story chapters and missions will allow you to obtain this. An exchange shop is a place where you can trade rare medals that you earn from missions and story challenges.

Download and install guideline

The app is currently available for Android only, iOS players should just wait for a bit as the version has not yet been released.  Now, pay close attention to the steps below, they will guide you through the installation and configuration processes apk:

  • The first step is to delete the old version.
    • Erase Platinmods.com from your device.
    • After that, go to Android/data/named data and rename the dblegends file.
    • Then, uninstall DB Legends.
    • Further, revert the change done on the dblegends file to the original state.
  • Next is to download the file. Do it by accessing the download link from the above table.
  • Access Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK and install it.
  • Let’s configure it
    • Long tap on DB legends icon
    • Finally, go to App info and activate all permissions

That’s it, you have the Mod in place. But wait, what does it mean in the end? What benefits does it bring? Well, here they are :

  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Unlimited Ki
  • No Char CD
  • All Challenges completed

Ultimately, if you only want to be on a killing spree and butcher your opponents, we recommend this MOD.

On the other hand side, before going for it, we recommend enjoying the clean and original game. Especially if you are new in the branch. At the end of the day, it is a very remarkable anime game and would mean a disservice to the developers not trying it out.

Bottom line

Dragon Ball Legends Equipment

You do not need any Z-power to draw the conclusions here. Therefore, you should be able to download Dragon Ball Legends MOD Apk and make the best use of it. You only need to pay attention to the provided guideline. However, please write to us in the comment section if there is something which you did not understand or if you have any question.

Coming back to the Legends, at first glance you may think it is a game to kill your daily breaks with. Yet, it might become addictive, and you could end up investing a lot of time in it. In other words, Bandai Namco, the producer, did an outstanding job in creating this mobile game, which certainly is far better than many of their console games.

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