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Brave Frontier MOD APK – v1.17.20.0

Brave Frontier MOD APK

In Brave Frontier MOD APK, you get to use your head to best your foes! As a strategy RPG, you can think of combinations and advantages, and use them to your benefit. In the beginning, there is a tutorial, in which dialogue, combat, and graphics can all be seen.  The combat system is very understandable …

Super Mario Run MOD APK – v3.0.13

Super Mario Run MOD APK

Do you remember Super Mario, that old, notorious and emblematic character? Well, he is still in fashion in 2019. From attracting older nostalgic players to new players through making an exciting game, it certainly is not lacking in appeal! Are you ready for a re-imagined version of the game? Super Mario Run MOD Apk will …

Get Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK – v1.31.0

Dragon Ball Legends APK

In 1984, Akira Toriyama created a couple of staggering anime series that quickly spread in the entire world.  Dragon Ball was and still is one of the most upstanding anime of its kind. Since then, fans all over the world are enjoying different flavors of this anime. The one which we will approach today refers …

Get Monster Hunter Stories APK (English) – v1.0.0

Monster Hunter Stories APK

This short, but insightful article is going to explore the Monster Hunter Stories APK and how you can install it onto your mobile device. The game is basically a story about the life of a character in a kingdom where the community lives in peace and harmony. But, their territory became under attack by a …

Get Crunchyroll Premium MOD APK – v2.3.1

Crunchyroll Premium MOD APK

Crunchyroll Premium APK gives you access to a streaming platform that provides a wide variety of anime series. Born in Japan, in 1917, this genre became international in the late twentieth century. Ever since anime delighted millions of viewers all over the world. The app I am about to tell you about was made especially …

Golf Clash MOD APK | Download Latest Version

Golf Clash MOD APK

The Golf Clash MOD APK gained a lot of popularity among the mobile gaming related apps, during the last few years. This game will allow you to access various golf platforms on your phone, where you can compete with your friends and other players from different parts of the world. With this game, you will …

Most Popular Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats and Hacks 

Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats and Hacks

Club Penguin Rewritten is a remake of Club Penguin, which graced screens for over a decade before closing in 2017. The philosophy behind this remake is that the game is not going to die just because it was discontinued. This article shall consider 10 Club Penguin Rewritten cheats and hacks that can make the playing …

What are the Most Popular Mobile Gaming Genres in 2018?


Did you know that more than half (51 percent) of global revenues generated by the gaming industry now derive from mobile gaming? Additionally, almost two-thirds (62 percent) of smartphone owners install at least one mobile gaming app within a week of buying a new mobile, with 43 percent of time spent on smartphones now used …