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An online post-apocalyptic world… sounds awesome right?! Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK provides an incredibly strategic game and completely brings out your creativity, resilience, and determination.

Set in 2027, you find your customizable character cold and alone, wearing nothing but their underwear and having to scavenge for clothes, food, and weapons quickly. An infection has wiped out almost the entire human race, leaving yourself, real online players and the half-human zombies that roam the ruined land. Players can interact with one another and form hunting teams – but don’t trust anyone. This is a new world with no rules, so set traps to protect your shelter. Maybe you’ll raid others’ bases for valuable resources? After all, people will do whatever they need to do to stay alive. So will you…

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an Editors’ Choice game with over 50 million downloads. It’s a fantastic game, and we’re going to review why downloading the MOD APK version of the game is also a good decision. This is the worries-free version which helps to put you at an advantage and makes the game even more enjoyable to play.

Key Features

The features make for a very realistic game – having to find real-time for cooking, crafting… you’ll even see a bathroom icon pop up for when your character has to go!
Equip your character for hunts and ventures into the open world, which even has seasonal locations, so pack wisely…

Global Map

Real-time, real allies. You’ll have to protect your shelter from other players with various traps that you design yourself. Vice versa, we’re sure you’ll take opportunities to raid other players’ bases for valuable resources. The global map is an open world – the freedom in unbound. You can even build shelters anywhere you want! There are various opportunities and surprises, you simply can’t walk anywhere in which something useful or dangerous isn’t happening…

Survival Map

Chat and Join Clans

The chat box is on your screen to use at any time. Depending on your survival style, you’ll want to either do it alone trusting nobody. Or you might want to make allies to team-up against others and form hunting packs. That’s if you can trust them, because who knows what people will turn into a post-apocalyptic world…

Rule #1: Survive

Last Day on Earth: Survival really brings out the fight-or-flight out of its players. You’ll come up against zombies and other players (who aren’t always so friendly), so you’ll need to target abandoned military bunkers for weapons and other areas for whatever you can find. And it’s not like you can just sit around – you gotta eat and stay warm, right? Hunt deer for meat and skin, and search for sources of water.

Build and Craft – DIY

Last Day on Earth - Building

Your shelter, its furniture and the vehicles you’ll want…Build it how you want and where you want. But remember, you can’t build your refuge without venturing out into the scary open world to collect wood and the required resources. That’s unless you download the enhanced MOD APK of course, starting to understand why it’s better to do so?

Why is it worth downloading the MOD version?

The answer is simple: To save yourself time and real money… and you’re otherwise at a disadvantage to players who have had the foresight to download this worries-free version. Your character has a limited amount of energy in the standard APK – which translates to how long you can actually play the game for, having to wait long periods unless you’re willing to spend your own money. That isn’t necessary with the MOD version…

You’ll be better at the game and won’t be lured into spending real money for coins, it’s as simple as that. These types of games aim to frustrate players into using their real money to cut waiting times and to progress faster. Using the completely free MOD APK means that you don’t have to…

Last Day on Earth - Zombies

You’ll otherwise be at a disadvantage due to low weapon durability and armor breaking off after a mere five minutes of playing time. Players also need ‘energy’ to carry on playing the game (unless you want to either wait for long periods or spend your own money). The MOD version has you covered with maximum armor & weapons durability and unlimited energy. You’d also need to pay real money for a “chance” of obtaining weapons etc. Again, the MOD APK has you covered, and these are the main reasons why downloading this better version gives you the freedom that the players of this great game crave and deserve…

  • Unlimited Build and Craft Points.
  • Free Upgrading.
  • Maximum Armor & Weapons Durability.
  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Inexhaustible Energy.
  • Unlimited Skill Points.
  • Increased Hunger and Thirst Supply.
  • All Blueprints unlocked.
  • No Building Requirements.

Installation Guide

  •  If you currently have the standard APK, uninstall it (don’t worry, you won’t lose your progress).
  •  Download the MOD version.
  •  Scroll down and click ‘Download Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Free Craft) 1.11.12.apk’.
  •  Scroll down and wait for the countdown to turn to ‘Download (160.1M)’ and click.
  •  Click ‘Download’ again and wait.
  •  Wait for the download to finish and open.
  •  When the download has finished, click ‘Install.’
  •  When the installation has finished, either click ‘Open’ or go into your saved apps to access


This is a short walk-trough video for newbies, you’ll get the top 10 tips for a good head start:

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a brilliant concept that incorporates online play into a fun open world. The twist – the world is mayhem, full of zombies and dangers that players need to be smart to survive. It’s a great game that offers many surprises, opportunities and creative freedom for players – but only up to a point…

No matter how enjoyable the game is, it might be very frustrating for you if your liberty is vastly limited due to a lack of coins and resources. It may also be very off-putting to have to wait to actually play the game properly due to limited ‘energy’. This is why downloading the MOD APK makes the game as enjoyable as it should be, because it provides players what they need to progress promptly without having to lose their time or real money.

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