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In Brave Frontier MOD APK, you get to use your head to beat your foes! As a strategy RPG, you can think of combinations and advantages, and use them to your benefit. In the beginning, there is a tutorial, in which dialogue, combat, and graphics can all be seen. The combat system is very understandable and has a lot of versatility, so do not be afraid to mix things up and see what works best! Alternatively, you can see the strategies that others find work best on the internet. Be sure to enjoy yourself in this amazing universe!

Noteworthy features

We will just go through the critical aspects of the original game. If you have played King of Fighters or League of Angels, then you could skim the next chapter and then go to the section with reasons to use Brave Frontier MOD Apk.

In-Game Currency

There are three main currencies in this game, all serving different purposes. First, there is Zel, which is the main currency. Zel has many uses, not least buying and selling. Of the three main currencies, this one has the appearance of a coin, and justifiably so. Secondly, it is Karma. This has similar uses to Zel in many regards but does have its differences, as you will see upon reading the Wiki about currency. Finally, there are Gems, which are the most difficult to acquire. However, this currency also has the most uses – including summoning new heroes!


You are rewarded with in-game currency (100,000 Zel and 3 Gems) upon completion of the tutorial. Furthermore, you can understand graphics, fighting and so on, are better. You also learn the cyclical advantages specific elements have over others, as is shown in the screenshot below. Due to this, cyclical gains should be kept in mind the whole time, and it will be a lot easier. What elements are more and less effective against other factors can be seen below.

Brave Frontier - Element Correlation

You can advance the story by accessing Quests from the home page. Each level grants you Zel and Karma as well as XP. Therefore, doing these can give rewards, and getting XP will unlock previously unavailable areas. Doing things like Quests and Vortex requires the use of Energy which you have a time-based limited supply of.


If you press the “Unit” icon at the bottom, you will see that you can perform many actions with the units that you have. This is from forming teams to leveling preferred/better units up. When creating your team, again consider the cyclical advantages some types have over others. Otherwise, you might find later in the game that your team is too heavy on one particular element and is therefore vulnerable to others.

You can enable the mechanism by which your units attack by themselves if you tap the “auto” function. However, be sure that you are in a comfortable position, as the AI will not be as thoughtful. Therefore, you can do easy quests or battles with auto-attack enabled, but should not do so in any tough situations.

Daily Tasks & Rewards

BF - Daily Rewards

Much like with other games, there is an incentive to log in daily. You get free rewards for merely logging in that become incrementally more appealing over time. Many of the awards made available to you otherwise require either work in the game or real money to get. Therefore, we see that it is very wise to take advantage of. However, to get the best items, you have to keep logging in daily and to be patient.

Daily Tasks are similar. You have objectives presented to you, and they are there to be done. In doing this, you gain access to rewards that otherwise would not be available. This gives you In-Game items when you are doing the objectives. This is in addition to awards as stated above. Summoning different heroes is even possible with these items.

Social Element & Events

Brave Frontier Guilds

At the time of writing this post, there is an Easter event. Participating in these events can give you access to special units and in-game items. Therefore they are worth doing. A key appealing factor in this game is the ability to add friends and send/receive gifts. These gifts contain many useful items, from in-game currency to summoning materials. On top of these details regarding friends, you can enjoy the perks that come along with being in a guild too. Being in a guild has many benefits, as listed:

  • Communication with Guild Members
  • Increased Rewards
  • Special Items
  • Exclusive Guild Events

Creating your own guild would cost you 150,000 Zel. However, you have guilds recommended for you to join. To make the most of all the benefits listed above, joining/creating a guild is necessary. Consequently, many benefits to enjoying the game with others can be seen.

Why This MOD APK?

There are ample advantages to using the Brave Frontier MOD APK, as listed below:

  • Instant Brave Bursts. This is a Unit’s Special Ability that usually needs to be charged up.
  • Instant Super Brave Burst
  • No Energy Cost (Quests & Vortex)
  • Vortex Always Open – Excluding the minimum level requirement
  • God Mode (Quests, Vortex & Arena)

Additionally, it is clear that there are fewer restrictions. However, be sure to still bear in mind what you have been told above. This is especially regarding Daily Rewards and the social aspect of this game.

How to Download & Install

  1. Delete any older MOD APK that you have.
  2. Allow Installation from the browser that you use, as the file may be flagged as questionable or unknown.
  3. Allow the game permissions for access to parts of your phone.
  4. Do any additional downloads necessary as they are presented.
  5. You have access – have fun!


BF - Outfit

Now that you know how to download the MOD APK, you are free to proceed! As you familiarize yourself with the game more, you will be able to build on what you have been told here. Furthermore, this version shall assist the learning process as it removes limitations that you would otherwise be subject to. As you delve further into just what this game is all about, you should be able to see why so many people play it!

It goes without saying that this game is highly entertaining. However, downloading Brave Frontier MOD APK allows you to enjoy the best of the game with far fewer limits. Consequently, be sure to enjoy yourself in this world, hopefully, this wee write-up helped introduce you to key ideas.

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