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This short, but insightful article is going to explore the Monster Hunter Stories APK and how you can install it onto your mobile device. The game is basically a story about the life of a character in a kingdom where the community lives in peace and harmony. But, their territory became under attack by a legion of monsters. The game is a favorite on the market and loved by many game fanatics across the world.

Taking part in the game, users get to design their characters from pictures, costumes and ultimately set out their style and personality. When it comes to the battles, they are turn-based that quickly move back and forth between the player and the enemy. As each battle develops, an affinity meter builds. When this meter is full, players can ride on the back of their monster to inflict extra damage on their enemy or use special attacks on their enemy.

The attention is in the detail with these small touches. It helps to keep the battles exciting and engaging for the player. While Monster Hunter Stories primarily focuses on the battles, it also has a user-friendly system for finding new monsters. The game’s open map has many monster dens that the player can explore.

If you are looking to play it on your android device, then first you will need to install the APK. Which, is precisely what we are going to discuss in this article, so keep on reading to find out how to do it.

Key Features

Monster Hunter Stories has some special ingredients that differentiate it from the past games of this series.

Create a team

Monster Hunter Stories Multiplayer

As the player, you befriend different monsters by stealing eggs and hatching them. And, then assuming the role of the monster rider. You can explore different environments, confront monsters in various fields, battle them and collect items together with stealing eggs from monster’s nests.


There are 4 different types of weapons that players can select. These weapons are a sword, hammer, hunting horn, and a shield. Having only 4 weapons to choose from may sound a little restrictive. But, it’s there is still plenty of attack combinations to choose from with each weapon. Each weapon starts out with basic abilities, but players can craft their weapons with different effects that they can take into battle.

Choosing a suitable weapon for a monster should be thought about carefully as each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, there is no point to pick a heavy hammer for a hero who is thin and agile. You can change your weapons frequently, so it’s possible at any time when not in a battle. Which is unlike other Monster Hunter games where you are required to visit the players’ room to switch weapons.

Companion monster

When it comes to companion monsters, they can be customized using the Transmission Ceremony feature. This allows you to transfer Bond Genes which will enable you to activate their stats and abilities. This feature is particularly useful as it allows for further customization to a player’s gaming style.

How to Install the Monster Hunter Stories APK

Monster Hunter Stories Scenes

When explaining the steps, you need to install this APK; we are going to go through them as if we are doing it ourselves. This is so you can use this guide as a point of reference when installing the APK yourself. Before we begin, we must stress that you should only source this APK from a credible source to avoid any unwanted Malware or viruses. There are also many open source anti-virus software that you can use to ensure your APK is clean.

The Steps

First of all, we highly recommend exercising caution when downloading or clicking on any unknown links on the internet.

  • The first step you take in this process is downloading the Monster Hunter Stories APK to your system. Your internet connection will determine how long this takes.
  • Once the file has downloaded then open the zip folder which contains everything you need to set the game up successfully.
  • Do be aware that some Android devices block downloads from unknown sources, but this is an easy fix.
    • Just go to your phone’s Settings screen.
    • Then tap on Security or (for older versions of Android) Applications. Your Android device might have a different name for this depending on the model.
    • Under Security (or if your device is a little older this will be Applications), go to the Unknown Sources screen.
    • From there check the box or toggle the setting to allow application installs without using Google Play Store. You will then see a warning that installing files from unknown sources can end up in malicious applications being downloaded.
    • Then select OK to carry on.
  • Once you have opened the zip folder simply tap the APK file to begin the process. You may be asked to allow specific permissions for the installation process to complete.
  • Once it’s unpacked and installed, you’ll see a confirmation message that confirms the process.

In Conclusion

Monster Hunter Stories Gameplay

As you can tell, installing the Monster Hunter Stories APK on your Android device is not difficult. And, you don’t need to make any device modification or hack that could prove risky to your device. You don’t even need to be technically educated to do this by yourself or need to ask for help from a friend. However, do try to obtain and install APK files from credible sources to keep your device safe at all costs.

However, only ever download and install these files from credible sources. Avoid installing APKs that asks your device for permission to download the file, because it could be a piece of malware or virus trying to obtain your personal data. Make sure the Android device you have has a reliable piece of antivirus software installed if you are going to download any APKs.

There’s a lot to like with Monster Hunter Stories. Together with the fact that the APK is incredibly easy to download. If you’re already a fan of these type of games, then you will understand the game from the get-go. Capcom has done an outstanding job with this game. You can certainly tell that they have made the effort to make it an enjoyable game for those playing it on their Android devices.

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