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DamonPS2 PRO APK is one of the best Ps2 emulators ever developed for phones that use the Android platform. Many people got interested in this app right after its release, majorly because its capability to allow people to experience Ps2 games directly from their mobile phones. The app’s publisher says that users can access over 1000 games in this application. With this application, you will have the opportunity to enjoy classic games like God of War II, Final Fantasy X, and Marvel vs. Capcom, among other games you experienced in your early childhood days.

This Ps2 emulator can perform well in different android devices. The developer claims that it can emulate almost 90% of the entire Ps2 catalog. Like any other emulator, you will need to download its BIOS. This is essential since you can’t play any game without this part. But, it is crucial to understand that some games might fail to work just because the emulator doesn’t support them. The main reason behind this is that these emulators are in constant development, which means they cannot cover every game.

Key Features

The emulator comes equipped with unique features. It is important to note that there are only a few other similar applications offering the same features package. One notable thing about the Pro version of this emulator is that you can unlock and access over 40 advanced features. Besides, this emulator improves the user experience since the games load smoother and faster.

So, what are the most notable features worth being mentioned?

It can support almost every Ps2 Game

DamonPS2 PRO Gameplay

As highlighted earlier, DamonPS2 PRO  is a very powerful emulator since it allows Android users to enjoy close to 90% of all Ps2 games. Even though there is a significant hardware difference between Android and Ps2, this emulator acts as a bridge between the two platforms. As a result, the application makes it possible for Ps2 games to work on Android phones. Interestingly, the emulator can support games with up to 60FPS frame rate. Users of this emulator will generally have an excellent gaming experience.

Improved graphics

Most of the Ps2 games were developed several years ago. This explains why the quality of their graphics is not so good, especially on mobile phones. Even people with phones that have HD, FHD, or 2K resolutions complain about the graphics quality of these games. The texture and resolution of these games are very low, and they significantly affect the user’s gaming experience. However, the DamonPS2 PRO has dealt with this challenge. It comes equipped with various settings, which allows the users to improve the graphics quality of the games.

There is one notable feature – the Rendering Resolution Feature, which allow users to increase the quality of the images up to 5x. Other settings allow users to improve loading speeds of the games.

The Emulator supports Gamepads

DamonPS2 Gamepads

There is one thing that most people don’t like when it comes to playing mobile games—using virtual keys. These keys do not have the real feeling of a gamepad, and programmers have put this into consideration. As a result, programmers have designed the DamonPS2 PRO APK to support gamepads. While the emulator can support Android-Standard gamepads, it cannot support others, such as Xbox One, Xbox360, or Dualshock3 and 4 gamepads.

The DamonPS2 PRO APK has a Combo key setting, which allows players to customize their keys. It has 4 slots which would enable players to choose and customize the keys as to their liking. However, users can still play the games without the gamepads, if they want to. The virtual keys are displayed on the phone’s screen, and they are thoroughly detailed. While the number of keys may vary, some games have a relatively higher number of keys. If your phone has a narrow screen, then you won’t have a good experience when playing.

The Emulator has an easy and clear to use interface

DamonPS2 PRO Interface

The main Damon Ps2 Pro screen has three tabs—Games, Recent, and BIOS. These tabs perform the following functions:

  • Games – this tab allows you to install the games you need to play. However, you will have to download and then save the ISO files of the game. Then, you will open this tab, choose the folder containing the game and then begin the installation.
  • Recent – this tab displays all the installed games. To start playing the game of your choice, you need to click its icon.
  • BIOS – This is where you keep the BIOS files which you should use whenever you want to play a game.

The gear icon located on the upper right allows users to access the emulator’s settings. Here you can set any options that you need. If you are not a tech geek, it is advisable that you keep the settings at default.

What are the Configuration Requirements?

It is important to note that today’s smartphones have much powerful hardware than the Ps2—thanks to technology. However, you need to have a powerful device if you want the Ps2 games to run smoothly on your Android OS. The main reason behind this is the platform differences between Ps2 and the Android Platform.

  • These are the configuration requirements of the emulator announced by the developer:
  • Snapdragon CPU—835/835. The emulator will still function on devices with a weaker CPU, but the games will not load smoothly.
  • At least 2GB ram. Other games with large capacity with need more RAM.
  • At least Android 6.0 and above.
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 +


The DamonPS2 PRO APK is one of the best emulators that allows Android users to access Ps2 games on their devices. Even though the Pro version is a bit expensive on the Play Store, you will appreciate it. The emulator has every customization you need to convert your Android phone into to Ps2. Get this app today to enjoy a maximum Ps2 experience.

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