How to Download UKTVNow APK for Android?


Television is one of the favorite sources of recreation from years playing our favorite shows and delighting us by putting a smile on our face. But what if we are out of our house and don’t want to miss our favorite shows? Well, technology has already come up with a solution for this by introducing various online video-streaming applications that help us to enjoy our favorite shows from our smartphones only acting as a mini television.

One such application is the UKTVNow, which can be used in your android phones to help you watch your favorite shows from around 300 channels across the world. It is one of the fastest user-friendly video streaming app that does not involve any registration of complicated procedures to cater to your entertainment requirements. All you need to do is simply download the UKTVNow apk and start enjoying your favorite shows. It even comes up with suggestions as per your searched results so that you stay updated about the latest videos, television shows and don’t miss any of them.

Features of UKTVNow

UKTVNow is loaded with numerous features like-

i) You can modify the player, history, and display from the settings menu and do the country wise selection of your favorite channels as well as browse the channels from other countries if you are interested.

ii) It consists of videos segregated in separate sections Like Movies, Kids, Entertainment, Documentaries, sports, Music, Religious, and many more. You can choose your desired topic as required and even save the videos to watch later if you are busy.

iii) All the videos are of HD quality and instantly starts playing with little buffering. If you are not happy with the default video player UKTVNow gives you the facility to choose your desired video player and have the best experience ever.

iv) The searching pattern is very easy here and you are prompted actively with related videos from all categories as per your searched keywords.

v) Single tap Facility to access millions of movies, videos, sons without any registration procedure.

How to Download UKTVNow APK for Android

1. First, you need to download from Google, the latest version of UKTVNow APK (Version-8.16) file. You can download it from our website as well: Download UKTVNow APK for Android

2. The most vital point to remember for Android users is when you are downloading APK files for any application outside play store you need to turn on your download from Unknown sources option from the Settings menu to allow the APK file to install.

3. Go to Settings options and next go to Advanced Settings. In the Advanced Settings window, scroll down to locate the Security option and tap on it.

4. Next, find the option “Unknown Sources” from the list. You will be immediately prompted with a message if you want to allow download from third party sources, Click on OK to complete the procedure. Now you are free to download applications from other sources.

5. The last part is the Installation procedure, where you need to go to the File Manager option and locate the downloaded UKTVNow APK file from Download option.

6. You need to tap open the APK file where you will be prompted with the terms and conditions list. Checkmark the option, click Next and finally on Install to complete the Installation process of the application.

That’s all you need to do, and your UKTVNow application is ready in your android phone to give you the best experience. UKTVNow can also be downloaded for Windows 7/8/10 and IOS devices.

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Advantages of UKTVNow

UKTVNow is completely loaded with advantages that you crave for every application. This is one f the platform that gives you the high-quality HD video service being completely free and very fewer Shortcomings. So let’s have a look at the benefits:-

  1. The channels featuring the videos of different shows have a very smooth running interface along with HD picture quality. So if your internet speed is not very poor, you can enjoy various shows like serials, news, Sports, Cartoons anything you like at uninterrupted speed which other video channels fail to give even having paid features.
  2. It helps you save Money from subscribing extra channels by allowing it to be free which in case of normal television you need to pay for each of them. Here with the help of UKTVNow, you can browse any channel around the globe for free without any subscription fee even. So much of free service loaded with facilities you will rarely be able to find for other online streaming applications.
  3. You never face any Confusion locating your favorite shows, as the channels are all divided into separate categories and help you to have an easy search for locating your desired result.
  4. Another biggest Facility is, if you want to enjoy the application service in your big screen, you already have its support with Chromecast and Firestick which lets you watch all the videos connecting to the television set for free.

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How To Use:-

It is very easy to operate UKTVNow application. Few things you need to keep in mind to get the best results.

How to Filter

It’s not possible to locate each and every show across 300 channels neither you know all of them. So this is how you need to use the filter option. Just go to the search box, type the country name, or genre of your shows Like the cartoon, music, sports, or type the Channel name whose shows you like the most and there you go with the specified filtered Results to choose from.


How to Schedule for Live Event

Suppose you are a sports freak, you want to get notified of all the live matches, then you need to go to the sports genre and select schedule option from the menu. You will get detailed information on various matches from all categories like Cricket, Football, Boxing, Basketball. Choose your desired category and select the desired channel from the drop-down option. Next checkmark the alert box and you will be notified of all the live and scheduled matched from the specified category.

uktvnow app alert

How to Change Video Player

UKTVNow lets you select your desired video player for which you need to go to the Settings menu and choose the player of your choice.


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So this is an entire guide giving you the detailed information of UKTVNow downloading process, its benefits, and how you can grab the best of it.

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