Snapsave Apk Download For Android Latest Version (2018)

SnapSave APK

Snapsave apk is a recent app that allow you to save various videos, images & stories instantly from your device.

Other than these, Snapsave apk 2018 deliver various other useful features, which can be beneficial and entertaining at the same time.  All the Snapchat addicts will love this app more than anything.

SnapSave APK 2018

SnapSave APK
SnapSave APK

Hello friends, these days one can find smartphones and computer everywhere. Social networking and its advancement tends to get each and every features which is created by the creators.

These days our cellphone contains apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others apps to connect with the world. Snapchat is a hugely known app to create growing network day by day.

Snapchat is a social networking app mostly known in Europe & North America. Developed from the former students of Stanford named Evan Siegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy.

The popular social media networking platforms which deliver us stories, images and videos. But all the social media platform there is a single thing which is seen everywhere, that it doesn’t allow you to same uploaded images and videos. Whereas Snapchat doesn’t allow you to keep any media files for a longer time period.

Here we got the solution for this, Snapsave APK is apk file for an app which works in android smartphone which lets you save Snapchat image, videos and stories in your device.

Snapsave APK – About Application

As many social media doesn’t allow you to save images and videos on your device. Moreover, Snapchat automatically deleted it in its specific time period after opening it. With the help of Snapsave you can keep all of your media files including stories for forever in your smart phone.

In the meantime whenever try to search Snapsave android app on Google Play Store, won’t get anything. There are lot of causes that are worth for the unavailability of so many apps officially.   Developers always provide other versions of the known app along with some tweaks.

There is availability of many apps available on google Play Store which declare to download and store images and videos from Snapchat. Although, many of the apps are not working and use ads to generate revenue.

So let go all these fake apps and Snapsave is trustworthy app which can be useful for your saving image videos and other purpose.

Characteristics of Snapsave APK 2018

As Snapsave is a new app similar to Snapchat, Here you can get extra benefits, here are few irresistible characteristics of the app:

  • Snapsave lets you download Image and Videos from Snapchat.
  • Snapsave can be used to download Snapchat stories in your device.
  • What makes Snapsave stands different that the other person won’t be inform for the saved image.
  • This app will save you from taking screenshots of your favorite and important snap.
  • By far Snapsave is an awesome tool for Snapchat clients.
  • This app carries mind-blowing interface and doesn’t consume more battery.
  • All the android users can use Snapsave without rooting their phones.

Now you know about all the features of Snapsave its time to learn how to download it.

Always download it from a trusted source. Here is the total information of latest version of downloading Snapsave in your android device which works with no further issues.

Download Snapsave APK 2018

If you want to enjoy all the features of Snapsave download its latest version in your smartphone. You can download it from here, as the app is not present on Google Play Store. So you can download it separately.

SnapSave APK – File Details

  • APK Name: Snapsave
  • APK Version: 1.10
  • APK Size: 4.08 MB
  • Last APK Updated: Nov 27, 2017
  • Total no of Installs: 10,000+

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Instructions To Download Snapsave APK 2018 On Android:

Let me update you with the major information that, you can only use the app if your android device is running on Jellybean or above. This is the minimum qualification of this app. If your smartphone is approved as per its requirement you can proceed for the installation as per the steps given below.

  1. Download Snapsave on your android smartphone with the help of the link given below.
  2. Once you download it, you need to accept the unknown source on your smartphone. Just visit Setting- Security- Unknown Sources
  3. Get to the location where the apk file of Snapsave is present, then install it.
  4. Grant the permission, that the app ask you after the installation.
  5. As soon as you visit the homepage of the app, an icon of photo and video will be visible to you. Tap on the icon to save photo or video, suddenly click on the yellow play icon present at the right bottom corner of your smartphone screen.
  6. Later app will record your screen. Now to use it simply, open the Snapchat on your smartphone and have a look of any video or image then instantly tap on the camera icon. Snapsave will take the screenshot or video on your phone and enjoy the all and it’s all other features.

It is done now, the installation of Snapsave APK on your android phone.

Did you find it easy to download and install it, comment at the bottom and let us know your review?

Now all the features and get all the benefits of Snapsave on your smart phone. Further for any queries and any problem while downloading the app or anything after the installation just comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Final Verdict

If you use Snapchat then, Snapsave is something, which is going to get love like anything. It lets you to enjoy all the features and benefits of Snapchat. As the app is not available on Google Play store to get it, just install Snapsave APK 2018 which is the latest version of Snapsave and enjoy it freely.

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