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Zanti Apk 2018

If you are looking for ZANTI APK Download for Android, iOS, PC Version 2018, you are at the right place.

Are you afraid about your device or systems security? Maybe… This is a common topic to worry about for all human beings because of the availability of so many threats.

Nowadays hacking is too mainstream. If you really wish to secure your system or device from the unwanted harmful attacks then you just need to keep your device or system secure.  Now the question is how?

Download Zanti APK

Zanti Apk 2018

Zanti Apk
Zanti Apk

And the only available solution can be given as by downloading zanti apk app on your system. Download Zanti apk Pro which is the very famous app used for protection of the device from the unwanted attacks. Known as the most professional app, one can find it online for security purpose. Zanti apk Latest Version is very secure and is used by all the firms and organization for the security of their useful data.

Zanti apk is available for each and every operating system and device. You can get it by downloading, Zanti apk Download as per compatibility of your own device. People who perform hacking can also use for Zanti apk XDA, Zanti apk onhax, and Zanti apk android for hacking the various device.

If you wish to get this app on your system you can get it for free, by simply clicking on the link which provided here. Here is some more information regarding zanti Application.

Zanti APK – About it

Zanti app is for your operating system which calculates defects also looks security threats, hence it is a risk assessment application. Droidsheep applications are one of the tools available for the same purpose. It is usually used to hack and protect Wi-Fi.

Zanti apk can be used to measure the security level of your operating system and reports are generated. It shows, what specific measures can be taken for your network with the help of simple steps. It can be misuse on that specific segment by the hackers and it can generate your operating system’s Wi-Fi password.

Various other operations are also carried out with the help of this application, MAC address spoofing, vulnerability checking, MITM, session hijacking, password auditing, SSL strips, network scanning etc. zimperium technologies are creators of this app. Moreover, zimperium is still developing their app to make it more secure and useful for better defense.

Zanti APK Download

  • Apk Name: Zanti APK 2018
  • Apk Version: v2.5.2
  • Last OTA update: Sep 10, 2017
  • Apk size: 780 KB
  • Creators: Zimperium
  • Play store Rating: 4/5


Download Zanti APK

Characteristics Of Zanti APK:

  • You can scan your cellphone: Backdoor, Uncover authentication, different threats, it needs assessment networks to attack DNS and Protocol. One can carry out this in a single click and it manages to calculate all the risk which comes under corporate network.
  • Detecting Efficiency: It allows to check all vulnerabilities and system security. This is really helpful in your mobile as well as PC. It operates with the help of host penetration tests just like in the man in the middle (MITM), Metasploit and password cracking.
  • Reports: Through zConsole this application provides reports which are based on cloud based technology. As cyber hacker use to hack the system it uses the same method. Dashboard report is understandable and scheduled using, so it can improve your mobile’s all the security.
  • There are various other features such as.
  • Logged request for viewing recently viewed website
  • To show the logged image in the respective website
  • With the help of SSL strip, one can see https or http of all the sites of your mobile.
  • With the help of router password, one can convert its username and password.
  • You can transfer files of downloaded intercepts from your own to fatality’s mobile.
  • Enables you to transfer files from your device to victim’s device.
  • If device is running BASH it detects it and this is carried out using BASH process.

Note: To use the app you have to root your cellphone.

Download Zanti APK Latest Version FREE

Zanti is free for installing and download Zanti APK 2018 for your device. If you are using android mobile the file name which is known as Shellshock scanner. This is also available at Google Play Store. It’s reconcilable for android 2.3 and other versions. Zanti apk can be downloaded for PC and iOS from any available resource for free.

Zanti APK For Android Installation

  • To get zanti apk for your android cellphone you have to download Zanti apk android switch to “Setting” then allow downloads from “unknown sources” on the “security tab”.

  • You can get the corresponding version for your android device from below button link. Just download it.

Download Zanti APK

  • Once it is downloaded install it in your cellphone.
  • Hold on for some time and then you can operate it.

Zanti APK For iOS:

  • This application is not available for iOS mobiles but, one can grab it with the help of jailbreak easily and instantly.
  • Change the phone date setting to 1 August 2014.
  • Click on the download Zanti apk app for iOS with the help of this link.
  • Then install that in your cellphone.
  • Once you open it click on conformation as to trust this application.
  • Later just click on Trust Button and then continue for using the app.

Zanti Apk For PC:

  • First download Bluestacks in your PC to download the Android emulator.
  • After then download Zanti apk for PC.
  • Run the app as it gets download and Start using it via Bluestacks.
  • Then the app will start to get installed on your PC.
  • You can try this app for checking all your security concerns.

Zanti App – How You Can Use It?

  • You need to root your device once you are done with the downloading process.
  • Later it will demand to root your device for grant it.
  • A window will show up and then ask for email ID and tap on “Next” click.
  • Then a new window will come out on windows and demands for your allowance to connect with the Z network. If you wish to join then do it else skip it.
  • Hit “Next” button and then choose “I am fully authorized to perform penetration testing on the network”. Then Hit Finish button.
  • Now you can easily find all the best devices for security in your Zanti Network.

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Final Verdict:

Zanti Apk is damn powerful and beneficial app for all the people who need protection on their smartphone or PC data. One can find the other features of Zanti APK 2018 to provide security on your network. Please do not try it for illegal things. Understand all the features & you need to root the devices to operate the app.

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