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With so many threats out there you have to be concerned about system security. You are navigating to tons of internet pages, you are downloading lots of files, so you are permanently exposed to risk. Of course, to stay safe, you need tools, knowledge, friends :). Today we will introduce you to zANTI APK. Brought to us by Zimperium, zANTI, or also known as Shellshock Scanner, is simply a good friend of any IT security officer when it comes to network vulnerabilities assessment. While it makes more sense to benefit form zANTI in large organizations, regular people can also use this app on personal devices. Technically, this is a mobile penetration toolkit that will help you to check what is the risk level of either your network or the one in which you are doing the test, for instance.

It is imperative to mention that this is not an antivirus, so pay attention to its core features which will be highlighted below.


Let’s look closely into ZANTI APK and make ourselves familiar with the value this powerful tool adds. Likewise Droidsheep app, zANTI can be as well adopted by hackers and used for inappropriate porpoises. For obvious reasons, we will not present this toolkit form this point of view, but we will stick to its fundamental use-case. Therefore, let’s see how can we discover the vulnerabilities our devices are exposed to.


You can smoothly perform a full network scan from your mobile device. Although there is a version for PC as well, which for many of us might the handiest one, the mobile zANTI APK is a well optimized and with a user-friendly interface version.

zANTI Scan Results

Now, the duration of the scan is dependent on two factors: the network size and the connection speed. After the  scan process ends, you will get a comprehensive report with the following details:

  • The connected devices names, models and manufacturers.
  • The IPs and MAC addresses in the network.
  • Operation system information, version
  • Open ports
  • And most importantly, which are the vulnerabilities.


You can ask zANTI to send the collected information on the email. All that is scanned, plus the diagnose itself will be displayed beautifully in a structured table. For example, you will have information regarding the host script output, which practically contains the device’s properties. Nevertheless, for a better understanding, we have attached a picture of such a report.


Man in the middle

For those of you not familiar with “Man in the middle”, or in short MITM, it defines itself as a cybernetic attack in which an actor (a piece of code, of course) monitors the exchange of data between two parties permanently. For example, it can track data that is being exchanged between a particular device and a website. You can also jump into an open session between two devices, you can as well redirect traffic. With zANTI, you can grab the username and password from a monitored session. Moreover, you can replace the content (e.g., images) for the displayed web pages.



Basically, all features mentioned above will give the users the means to evaluate the vulnerabilities found during the penetration test, MITM attacks, session hijacking, SSL strips, user and password auditing. As stated at the beginning, this tool brings a lot of value in large companies


Using zANTI for unlawful reasons

You might wonder why are we presenting you this section. Well, the idea is not to teach you how to use zANTI to hack someone, but to make you aware of what an evil-minded person could do. In conclusion, we have listed some information that your device might expose:

  • Using SSL strip, one can see all the websites you have visited.
  • With the help of a router password, one can convert its username and password.
  • The files which are being transferred or downloaded can be intercepted and sent to a specified destination.
  • Vice-versa is valid, in other words, someone can inject data into your device.

These are just a few scenarios that are prone to happen, of course, hackers imagination might surprise us all.

Download  and install

For personal use, the tool is free.  You might find it under the name of Shellshock Scanner, just make sure the developer is Zimperium. You can install it from Google Play Store for Android, from the official site of the product, or simply download the provided APK.

In any case, to use the app you have to root your cellphone. You will see further on what does this mean.

Installation guide

  • First, download the APK.
  • Go to the official site, fill in the name and email address and click download.
  • Check your email, and click on the download button. Be patient, it might take a couple of minutes.
  • After you download the APK file, open it.
  • Switch to Settings Settings > Security > Device Administration > Check Unknown Sources.
  • Then tap on Ok > Next > Install buttons.
  • The next step is to accept the Google Check.
  • After the installation, open the app.
  • To have access to all of the zANTI features, accept the root privileges. Tap grant button.
  • Finally, login and eventually take the tutorial tour to get more info.

For the PC version, you first have to download Bluestacks, or similar emulators, download the APK file and run it.

iOS users cannot make use of this tool, as it is not yet developed for these devices.

Final Verdict

As a takeaway, bear in mind that before you think about implementing an antivirus and protect your device, you first need to know where you are exposed. This way, you will make a better decision about what antivirus you need, and what you want to protect. This powerful tool, zANTI will give you all the details you need to know regarding your devices’ vulnerabilities.

Download zANTI APK

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