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Everyone would have a question: “What actually an iemu apk is?”. Without understanding it, you might not be interested in downloading the apk and use it properly. Here is the answer: it is an emulator used to run iOS apps on android devices. Also referred to as Padoid APK, iEMU APK intends to convert the user interface of your Android to iOS. Though it seems to be the best android emulator, it is not handy to download it from the Google Play Store. Instead, you may download the application for Android using the third party websites.

This article will give you the complete guide of iEMU IOS emulator apk for android. Alongside, you can avail of the procedure on how to download and install it.

The benefits of using iEMU APK

The soul function of this emulator is basically saying all about the benefits. iEMU APK was designed for those Android users that would like to have some of the iOS apps on their devices. We can all agree that apps on iOS are very attractive and perfectly crafted. Nowadays most of the people are using Android rather than iOS devices, so, thumbs up for this emulator! In short, you will get the exact features of iOS apps on your Android. Sounds intriguing, right?

First, people have to think about why do they need to download EMU APK. In case you are downloading something, then it needs to benefit you by all means. Therefore, you should get to know what are the key features of iEMU APK.

Esential features of iEMU APK

  • iEMU APK gives you acces to a broad iOS application spectrum.
  • App size is less than four MegaBytes.
  • Moreover, the app has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is free of charge.
  • Low memory usage when IOS is ran on Android.
  • Supports older version of Android operation systems.

Download Links – Latest Version – Updated 2019

To download this iEMU APK on your Android, there are some requirements you have to check on your device. For this reason, I have listed some basic requirements popular for almost all the APK files:

  • Above all, you must have an internet connection. Yes, sometimes forget about this.
  • Your Android device should have a ram memory of at least 256 MB.
  • The storage space of your Android device should be grater than 80 MB.
  • The starting android version has to be 2.3 or above.

In case your android device possesses these basic eligibility criteria, you can start downloading using the button from the above table.

Instructions for installing the apk:

Since the installation is the next step after downloading, here is brief procedure to install iEMU APK. Go through the given below step-by-step simple procedure with an utmost care. You can skip this part if you already have an experience in the installation of APK files. Otherwise, just go through the procedure once, if you have any doubts.

Before installing it, go to Settings and Turn On the Unknown Sources. If you are aware of this tab, just go ahead and turn on the source. If not, just follow these instructions:
In your android phone, go to settings and then, toggle down to security settings.
Then click the security setting in which, search for the unknown sources tab. Simply, turn it on.

  1. Open the APK file.
  2. You will see a pop-up menu appearing to ask for installation.
  3. Select “Install” option. Installation process starts on your android device.
  4. After completing the installation, open the iEMU APP.
  5. iEMU app would now ask for permission and so, grant all the permission.
  6. By now, everything should be in place. Finally, you can enjoy using iOS applications on your Android phone using iEMU App.


By reading this article, you will understand what is iEMU APK for android, how to install and how to use it. In my opinion, there is no doubt this is the easiest way for Android users to run iOS apps. Of course, an alternative would be to actually buy an iOS device, but maybe this is not at hand for everybody. For sure there are tons of games and apps on Android, but there is a natural behavior of man kind to desire things they don’t have. As a joke, where is a desire, or a need, there is someone to develop an app :).

To conclude, this emulator offers you a safe, thrilling iOS experience on your Android device. Just download it, install it and enjoy!

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