Pokesniper APK Download For Android | iOS Latest Version (2018)

Pokesniper APK

The article you are about to read is going to give you all the insights of Pokesniper APK. You will find out how to install it on different devices and how to make use of the many features it has. So it will make Pokemon spotting easier and it will help you find rare characters that you are hunting for a long time.

When Pokemon Go was launched, it became one of the most addictive game, a mass hysteria that quickly earned popularity in the whole world.
Everybody wanted to score more points by catching Pokemons daily and to climb to the top positions of the leader board. Although this game is interesting and fun, it is not that simple to catch Pokemon. Because of this, many add-ons and features, such as Pokesniper have been created.

Download Pokesniper APK

What is Pokesniper APK 2018?

Pokesniper APK
Pokesniper APK

Pokesniper is an open-source app, safe to install and easy to use, available for IOS, Android, Windows devices. This very intuitive app increases your chances of catching popular Pokemon characters.

The best part about this apk is that you don’t need to move away from the comfort of your couch. As a result, lowering the effort in reaching the top of the leader board. Same as a sniper in its real sense of wording, this apk allows you to easily catch Pokemons in very long range.

Through this apk, you will find the coordinates of numerous Pokemon characters without having to wait for new notifications on your device.

This power play can help you finish your Pokedex by catching all the high-class and local Pokemons.

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Pokesniper APK Major Features



Download Pokesniper APK

  • The apk is 100 percent free and available on every platform like App store or Google play store, therefore accessible to anyone.
  • Pokesniper commits to providing you with the precise location of the targeted Pokemon character. No matter if it’s rare or local you will be given the exact coordinates of the Pokemon.
  • The exact location of the popular Pokemon should easily allow you to go and catch it. Of course, the location might be far from you, but Pokesniper gives you the option to “teleport” and grab the character.
  • Rare Pokemon characters can be tracked down. In other words, you can add them to your stack and outrank your friends in this competition.

Pokesniper For Android – Downloading Process

  • Open play store, search for Pokesniper for Android and download it. As well, you can download the apk directly by clicking the below button.

Download Pokesniper APK

  • Find the location of downloaded APK file in your phone’s file manager folder and start installing it.


  • Use all its perks to increase your Pokemon collection.
  • However, if you face any trouble in installing process on your Android device, go to the security settings and enable the option of installing from an unknown source.

Pokesniper For iOS Downloading Process

Similarly to Android, this is a rather short and easy to follow download process:

  • Search Pokesniper on App store and directly install it on your device.
  • Enter your password if system asks and tap on done.
  • Finally open the downloaded file on your device and start playing.
  • Check for Pokesniper updates in App store to get the latest developed features and stay verified.

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How To Use Pokesniper APK 2018?

  • Read FAQ carefully before using this app and avoid any soft or shadow banning.
  • Add details of the targeted Pokemon character you want to catch. Do this on the crossing point provided by the app.
  • You will need to provide the name, respectively the location with latitude and longitude.
  • For example, to get latitude and longitude coordinates, swipe right for Latitude and left for getting Longitude.
  • It will also tell you the time limit of how long will the Pokemon stay there before changing the location. Hence, pay attention to these details.
  • After filling in the information, tap the button to catch the Pokemon character.
  • As a result, you will have it in your account’s Pokebag.
  • The app enables you to use various PTC (Pokemon trainer club) accounts, consequently you can shift the Pokemons between these accounts.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy.


Pokemon go is one of the first games using augmented reality, therefore it is no surprise it became so famous in such a short time. For the very same reason, there were a bunch of interesting apps that were developed to create an even better experience of playing this game. One of these apps is Pokesniper, a useful app for the game enthusiasts who are anxious of catching rare Pokemons without to much hassle.

Intuitive and available on every platform, for any device, Pokesniper-APK will give you the chance to become a top player of this notorious game.

Now you will know what is Pokespiner, how to install it and how to make the best use of it. In short, By reading this article you will know all about Pokespiner.

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