10 Most Innovative Android Apps For (2018)

Innovative Android Apps

Google Play store is a mini showroom for android lovers. It is the best storefront to find any new software application tool to download. Android phones users search for innovative features to make their handsets glossy and more useful.

In 2018, a pack of top 10 innovative android apps toolkits must be eye-catching to lure people to a great extent.

Opera Max Data Booster


• It is a unique app for android
• It is a data saving software
• Opera Max data booster ensures data safety
• It prevents data losing
• Reduces the cost of software maintenance
• It is up-to-date software
• Opera Max Data Booster can be updated
• Installation is hassle free
• No special formality
• Download it from Google Play Store



People have new resolution in 2018. Their romantic dating will be unforgettable. Android is their only brilliant vehicle for message sharing with confidence.

The New Year special is now close to them. Tictures is the advanced software to extend the functionality of the smart android device.

What is it? This developed software is meant for message décor. To attract lovers, put colorful emojis and images in the text messages. The quality of the data sharing is excellent. At a glance, locate rare features of Tictures on Android

• Message decoration with emojis
• Track list of symbols and graphics pictures for selection
• Text messages seem to be work of art
• The instant pictures resetting tool
• Have an online tech guide to designing digital messages

Theme For Galaxy S8

Theme for Galaxy S8 is remarkable because of the availability of best options to change themes. Remove boredom and adjust themes by replacing old ones. Export new themes to transform your Android phone with a superb look.

Google Play Developer Console

For software developers, programmers and online navigators, Google Play Developer Console is something awesome. Track any complicated or old apps for Android at Google Play. This tool enables him to choose the best application toolkit at the Google Play storefront.

• Google Play Developer Console is your workstation to check software performance
• With the installation of the new mobile application to optimize handsets, see functionalities on the spot
• Get reviews to assess
• Cross check regular ratings on reviews
• It is one of the easy tools for android to do vast exploration in the software access management.

Science Journal


Are you a scientist or researcher? Do you navigate every day to have new e-journals on inventions? For your experiments, install the best Science Journal to enhance the overall development of Android. It is available at Google play store.

Add your name to the Wishlist to have the top software for effective scientific navigation on the internet. Android smartphones must have a user-friendly Science Journal toolkit.

Universal Copy

The Universal Copy quickens the content copying without depending on third-party mobile apps on demand.

You have fast pictures and text copying tool for easy installation The copying is more flexible because of the upgrade version of the content pasting feature. It doesn’t matter whether you are using different virtual platforms. Go to any social media network, content management portal or any dating site to copy the text for being pasted on android home screen. Finally, it is bugs free content copy toolkit

Moves Steps By Lifesum


• Stop aging and fast skin sagging. Your health must be good. Moves Steps by Lifesum is a healthcare and wellness kit to take care of your life. Android users are now aided by LIfesum to have immense health tracking scope.

• It has a number of benefits for assisting people to reset health. Lifesum helps to inhibit obesity. It is the custom friendly health management software. LIfesum gives instant updates to daily dieters.

• Are you not perfect to opt for the nutritious diet? It must be suitable to an obese guy who has to control overeating. On android screen, go through top-notch diet plans with short reviews of professional nutritionists. Slowly, develop your muscles and cut over excess fat from the body.

• Macro tracker provides recurrent updates to customers to download free dietary plans with graphs to eat selected positive food.

• Measure calories and choose the classic wellness dietary workout to reduce the sides effects of overweight.

• Weight Loss Tracker is very swift for enabling patients to transform body through weight resistance. It will inform you of the possible loss of weight within a week. Have stepwise fat reduction guide online.

• Have world-class keto diet for controlling the overflow of glucose and carbohydrate.

Online Calculator

Stat reports and finance related workouts require meticulous calculation without failure. Android devices are being made smart with the inception of newly programmed calculating software.

For deep calculation and measurement, use this calculator. Professional budget planners, economists, and businessmen must have this android compatible Calculator.

Red Bull Alert On Android 2018


Why are you harassed during office hours? You are scolded by your superiors as you neglect their emergency miscall and messages.

Well, Google Play store has brought Red Bull Alert for android fans. It is an alarming system to make people aware of the entry of notifications. Set the alarm clock to have sweet ringing sound when the text hits your email inbox on android.

Cerberus Personal Safety For Android Upgrade

The latest personal security system during pressing time has been included to the inventory of Google Play Store. Share messages with dearest neighbors if you have problems. It will send the information to your friends including the sitemap to trace you.

So, Connect your android with social media network for deploying instant SMS to them to save you.


Reviews on top 10 best applications for android must rescue you from hazards. Innovate your style of online browsing on new android. Keep in touch with Google Play to get more awe-inspiring details about the upcoming mobile apps tools. Avoid hacking and dangerous bullying or piracy. 2018 will minimize the threat from wicked hackers. These technologically upgraded mobile apps for android are cost efficient as well.

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