Top 20 Free VR Games That Makes Life More Energetic

Free VR Games

One of the topmost entertainments persisting along with the fantasy is the games. In recent times, the advancements in technology have paved many great dimensions that the games are now being. Come let’s go deeper a step and discuss here.

When the games are being played in reality with some emotional connect gives one the feeling of being playing for themselves. With the advent of virtual reality, the game activities happening in reel-world seems that you start believing that it’s been happening in the real world. This will be happening due to a simulation that you have been experiencing since you plugged infirm.

Many online and offline games are readily available in the current virtual environment. Let’s go a level deeper about this virtual space and talk about entertainment that satisfies the games available at present VR state-of-the-art in your imagined world.

The famous rival headsets are getting into the old queue with the imaginary world and now it’s time for you to feel the ceaseless Strome of new games. Nowadays, people find it with much urge and choose VR games which are being in the top of the list of favorites. In such a way, here comes the list of the 20 top VR games that rock the charts:

1. The Climb


The Climb combines with both the high concept experience and ample amount of game that has tried to date. This game is based on the rock climbing simulator, set with the series of thrilling backdrops that looks incredible and that allows saving from the issues of sick-making environment that can plague with other games thereby yielding an experience for the first time in this genre.

The game revolves around the movement in between arms and shoulder here, rather than running with the sustained speed. This game is so much advanced as it feels so physical, even without touch controller. This game stands still on the top list that grabs up with the character up and out for a far-off grip. If you are not very close to the grip, you either fall or going to miss your chance of play.

2. Minecraft


Minecraft is based on fighting and several kids spend most of the time when they initiate this game. Unofficial mods, such as Vivecraft, which offers the high range of hardware support.
The main disadvantage of this game is: it supports only Windows 10 Edition. It looks good in VR with the landscape view. However, the game moves with the current VR hardware seems to be ambiguous.

3. Quake VR


You have to jump through a few candid girdles to get moved further. It is in Quakes shapes and the architecture that makes us get into the new world with high fidelity. The speed of the game is much high with the fast-moving capability.

4. HollowPoint


It’s based on both manual and physical swings with the drawing back, with the aim of letting you go in. It requires the real sense of bodily involvement in a way that flapping a motion controller will simulate a gun.

5. Eagle Flight


It has the detailed recreation of a European city with icons that strewn all over it. It is simple yet the strong concept makes you imagine as a big bird, as you can fly around all wide outdoor space.
Finally, the job is done with the lobs with the post-apocalyptic theme that entails elephants and giraffes patrolling around Paris. When you accidentally fly into a flamingo, then you get failed at the level. This game can be tried with the experience, race modes, feather collection minigames and even multiplayer score attack fare, but you feel that you completed very quickly.

6. Tilt Brush


This is the painting tool, with much sensation it gives you sculpting in the air with the actual magic of colors. We can paint in the air with the Vive wands, walked around it and see it turn into near-tangible 3D fireworks. It requires some of the artistic skill or a little enthusiasm in order to produce the best.

7. Lone Echo


This is based on the scientific research with the advanced robotic assistant tasked at a space station. Chain up process, space anomaly appears and spoils everything in the space, lets you investigate what’s gone wrong.

Launching as the first room-scale Oculus Rift title, Lone Echo tells the story of an advanced robotic assistant tasked with looking after a space station while conducting scientific research. One thing leads to another – chiefly a space anomaly occurs and ruins everything and it’s down to you to investigate what’s gone wrong. Not only it is an excellent Rift-exclusive, but its use of zero-gravity gameplay and stunning visuals make you feel excited of being really in the space floors.

8. Chronos


Chronos is the brilliant option for those who are addicted to the traditional video games and looking at the world of VR. The comparison seems to be an easy task with a dark soul. Pitched sword duels play with the entire game flow in which you have to carefully land blows and defend beside the attacks of your rivals to stay alive to pursue the game.

Chronos abandons the general VR approach of the first-person viewpoint. This makes you get considered at the point of character you are playing. From a third-person viewpoint, where you watch and control the action from a different perspective, much like a camera recording an event.

9. Megalith


This is a trouble causing gameplay and a multiplayer action-packed hero shooter that transforms you into a titan, with huge size and firepower to compete with others in a quest. This involves the much strategic approach to free locomotion and destructible environments.

10. Robo Recall


It is fantastic to shoot up design game that makes easy for you to look cool while shooting robots into pieces. Robo Recall puts down to a series of timed shooting galleries, seems to be an interesting game series. You can opt for enemies of your choice and fling into other robots with a single swipe, and catch the bullet in the air. Robo Recall shows off the brilliance of the Oculus Touch controllers. Best of all, it’s free-to-play.

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11. American Truck Simulator


It is the simplest of all the games with a good fit for VR that sounds with the precision of driving and turning or just a jolly trip with the shrunken but still impressive California, Arizona, and Nevada while blasting a radio station of your choice.

12. The Blu


To call it a game it will be pushing you into under the sea in a convincing manner when you haven’t made a terrible purchasing decision when they spot gawps in the corner. Many VR titles are working around to be wrapping around ocean that fills all your thoughtful head with the dreams of current technology that will one day take you. Never think to go back to the Blu often, but enjoy the short ride.

13. Babylon Battle Royale


The entire world is filled with more babies. This provides with the insatiable need for post-natal, pre-toddler carnage, the immensely capable VR studio that puts ridiculously dressed infants into kart-based Smash Bros-style combat.

14. Bravo Team

Bravo Team

War-torn fictional Eastern European city is a strategic shooter game with online 2 players that make your way. As you won’t get the free-wheeling locomotion options like many shooters available in the gaming, instead of giving you a sort of ‘on-rails’ point-to-point automatic based movement, the strength and amount of enemies will make you think twice before selecting a cover position for fear of getting shot to bits by a machine gun-wielding baddies.

15. Golem


This is the adventurous game where your kid can be injured? Imagine if you are stuck at your home in your bed, with the dream to explore outside world. Although it’s been a while since we played, and things have surely changed, check out 6 minutes of gameplay.

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16. Space Junkies


This is the multiplayer shooter game that forms straight into team-based or deathmatch-style combat.
From Ubisoft Montpelier, Space Junkies is an upcoming zero-G multiplayer shooter that puts straight into team-based or deathmatch-style combat. Yes, there are lightsabers, but the focus is ultimately on the game’s impressive assortment of guns. Visuals are really much polished, and from what we’ve played as a team, so is the overall deathmatch concept.

17. The Inpatient


It seems to offer the level of realism with the well-tuned facial motion capture. The game makes heavy use of dialogue trees. The full game will allow you to navigate different branches of the narrative and even experience different endings.

18. Transference


Transference is a physiological thriller that blends from a movie and reality in what promises to be an alarming experience. Popping into the memories of people suffering from PTSD and reliving their nightmare-fuel pasts sounds pretty disquieting to me.

19. Trackmania Turbo


This involves the deathless stunt game actively one want to make feel terrible. Trackmania’s always had been a rush, yet vertiginous and brain-shaking. Turbo looks lovely in VR too – it doesn’t feel as though it’s been compromised to fit the tech, although admittedly the menus need a bit of work. We have the control over it with not much VR. If you are looking at it via goggles or monitors, but it is will-have-fun VR.

20. Edge Of Nowhere


This seems to be a traditional game with much horror basically that’s different from nearly every other game of that genre on the platform. Rather than following with the usual route, using a first-person perspective that you will be playing as if you’re in the shoes of the protagonist, it puts the camera behind the main character, just like in Chronos. The result is a more psychological, stealthy take on some experimentation with the platform to find new ways to scare players.

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Whether you get groggy in VR easily or not, there’s something here for everyone who wants to play, so grab your VR headset, and get ready for a ride with the best VR games around. Certainly, the above mentioned top 20 free VR games will take you into the gaming world giving you a feel of living in the fantasy world as if it’s your real world.

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