How to Record Your Gaming Sessions Easily In PC With The Game Recording Software?

Playing video games on PC has always been fascinating for the game addicts no matter how many games they enjoy in their mobile devices. While playing addictive video games the players often have a desire to record their gaming experience once they reach a higher level in the game.

If you consider the traditional methods of screen capture, it can be recorded with the smartphones or camcorders but why take such troubles when you have efficient recording softwares for PC. All you need to install them in your PC and there you go with the gameplay recording.

The following steps illustrate how you can record gameplay in PC with best game recording software:-

By Gecata


Gecata is a product of Movavi that serves as one of the best solutions for gameplay recording. It records HD quality videos with an option to record webcam footage simultaneously with the gaming video and provides easy file sharing and saving procedures in MP4 format. We can record through Gecata in the following ways:-

a) Download the Gecata file and install it.

b) Once the installation procedure is complete, go to the settings option and turn on the Capture Mode to Game for the automatic audio recording of the game. You can even record your own picture and voice while playing by turning on the microphone and webcam options from the settings.

c) Next, you need to adjust the video settings for the right kind of gaming resolution. Go to the settings, then Video tab and from there set the screen resolution to either Original or you can also select from the predefined options. You can also change the frame size based on the kind of game you are playing. Finally, select the recording quality through the Video Quality slider.

d) Now you are all set for the gameplay recording. If you want to record from the beginning of your playing session before running the game press the REC button and if you want to record it from any point of time press ‘F10’ to start and end recording and ‘F9’ to pause the recording.

By Goplay 


This is one of the best game recording software with the multi track video editing facility. The latest version is 1.5.0. If you are a game maniac as well as a youtuber, Goplay is the perfect choice for you. Because this software offers one click video uploading to youtube.

You can download Goplay directly from Google play. Just Download and Install the app on your PC. It’s a ready to use app. So after installing, you can easily capture the live game playing as well as can edit the the recorded video.

By Fraps


Fraps is a free game recording software available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. The following steps show how you can record with this game recording software.

a) You can get the download link of Fraps from its official website featuring the current version of the application.

b) Once you have downloaded it, open the setup file and agree to the specified terms and conditions to finish the installation procedure.

c) After the application has been successfully installed in launched in your PC, open the App and go to the ‘Movies’ section.

d) Next, you will find the ‘Video Capture Hotkey’ with ‘F9’ specified as the default. You can keep it as it is or change if you want. You will be using this key for starting and ending recording sessions of the game.

e) To record the audio sounds of the Gameplay go to ‘Sound Capture Settings’ and checkmark the option ‘Record Win7 sound’ to enable the audio recording of the game. For microphone recording, you need to checkmark the option ‘Record external input’.

f) Next, go to Video Capture Settings and select 60fps for the HD quality video recording.

g) You are all set to record the Game. You can press ‘F9’ or whichever hotkey you have specified to start and stop recording the game at any time.

By Bandicam Game Recorder


Bandicam Game Recorder is high-end game recording software which lets you record 2D and 3D games, flash games and various online games. It facilitates to record in 4k UHD quality. The following steps demonstrate you can use it to record gameplay:-

a) You can download link of the software from its official website and even buy it.

b) After downloading, install and launch the software in your PC. Click to open it and you will be displayed with the recording window.

c) Go to the game icon located in the topmost bar of the recording screen and set the recording target which will be displayed in Fps in the upper left corner of your game recording screen. The software facilitates you to record up to 144Fps. So you can set the option as per that.

d) Now, open the game you want to play and click on the ‘Rec‘ button to start the recording session and to stop it click on the stop button. You can also do the same by pressing ‘F12’ from the keyboard.

e) To locate your recorded file, Go to the Home section of the left side of the Bandicam recording screen and then go to Video. You can find your file there and also options for Play, Edit, Upload, and Delete in the lower bottom.


So now recording sessions of your favorite game in PC no longer needs to be a cam-recording procedure and we can easily record, save and share the files with help of above mentioned softwares.


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