How to cut music using Movavi Video Editor?


Everything was going right, you were singing in grace with the best notes ever. Suddenly, you sneezed before stopping the recorder. That really hurts, just missed by hardly 1-2 seconds, the whole audio got ruined. The pricking pain can be felt by any self-experienced person. But there is someone who can really uplift you from the guilt and regret, the Movavi Video Editor.

This not concerns with your recording only, but also with the downloaded songs. You may find a part of your favourite song so good, to make your ringtone that you can hear every time when you get any call. But obviously, you can’t put a full song as a ringtone. The Video Editor enables you to crop your music and use accordingly.

There are a few steps are needed to follow, to get the desired music –

1.  Download and Install the Movavi Video Editor:

You can easily get the link for downloading the Video software from You can choose the option and differentiate it whether you want to download the music trimmer version for Mac or Windows. The file will be opened automatically when the installation gets completed.


2.  Add the required audio file:

When the Editor is opened, you can see the ‘Create a project in full-feature mode’. Click on that and now you can see a page with multiple functions on it. There are two options to select the required audio file. Firstly, click on ‘Add Media Files’ and select the music you want to cut or trim. The other way is, simply drag and drop the music file to the timeline. You can see the music file in the bottom of the window that appears on Audio Track.

3.  Cut the audio or remove the reluctant parts from the file:

This is a convenient step to perform for getting the desired audio clip. You just need to move the red marker to the start or end of the audio on the timeline and click on ‘Split’ button. You can cut a single audio several times.

On the other hand, if you want to remove or delete any unwanted part of the music file, you need to perform a bit different. Select the portion of the track and click ‘Delete’.

4.  Save the desired outcome:

This is the final step, where you need to save the audio file you have edited. You can see the ‘Export’ button on the bottom-left corner, just click on that. A new window will open in front of you with the ‘Save Audio File’ option, choose this. Now, select the desired format for your updated audio from the given list which includes WAV, WMA, FLAC and many more. After the procedure gets done, click on ‘Start’ button.

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The above mentioned four easy steps are simply the amazing features of this Video Editor. It guides you in concern to create your own music too. You can even merge a number of music files and get a totally new music to soothe your ears.

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