How To Own Fenix For Twitter Apk Latest Version

Fenix twitter Apk

Fenix for Twitter Apk comes with the latest experience of Twitter for the android devices and the tablets. If you are fed up by using the previous twitter app then try to use Fenix and we bet that you never stop. Fenix gives you the real-time updates facility where you don’t miss the activities of your account. So, make a try to use the Fenix app!

With the help of Fenix for Twitter Apk allows you to get every update about the activities of your account. With the feature of real-time updates in Fenix for Twitter Apk, you get to know about the information who is retweeting on your twitter, who is liking you on twitter or who is following you on twitter.


Features of Fenix for Twitter Apk:

  • It provides the real-time updates so you don’t miss any activity of your account
  • You can get to know about who is retweeting, liking and following you on twitter
  • Clickable links on your timeline
  • Single tap to access a user profile, open a web link
  • Long press to access the quick actions
  • Beautiful layout for the conversation
  • Beautiful Preview of the images and videos on your timeline
  • Supports for multiple images on Twitter
  • Supports for multiple accounts on Twitter
  • Multiple drafts support on twitter
  • Easy access to your lists and saves searches
  • Mute users service, hashtags service, twitter customers or
  • custom keywords
  • Inbuilt browser along with the support of readability
  • Supports the Tweet Marker
  • Options to select themes
  • Mention widgets and the timeline
  • Navigation application customization. Don’t worry about the direct message service. You never favorite any of the tweets.
  • You can use any one list of your selection as your timeline with the help of Fenix Apk

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What’s New

  • Improvement in stability and the bugs fixes
  • A simple navigation bar with front and center search

Fenix for Twitter Apk Permissions

  • It provides the approximate location on the basis of your network. The location it provides is gathered by the network location source like mobile towers or the Wi-Fi. The Twitter Apk use this service to know exactly where you are. But to make this service working you must turn on the location service and give permission to the app to use them.
  • It can access the content of the USB device and easily make any action on it like delete, copy, modify etc.
  • Fenix allows the app to read the storage of your USB
  • It allows you to read the contents of the storage of your USB

Information about the App:

  • Name of the App: Fenix for Twitter Apk
  • Name of the Package:
  • Apk Md5: 17f7376f5dae8d3b4bb838bc343bd409
  • Apk size: 4.91
  • Updated on Play store: June 8, 2016
  • Version Name and code: 1.8.1(18010000)

Past versions of Fenix for Twitter APK

  • Fenix for Twitter 2.7 released on 14th Feb 2018
  • Fenix for twitter 2.5 released on 14th Feb 2018
  • Fenix for twitter 2.4.8 released on 26th Jan 2018
  • Fenix for Twitter 2.4.5 released on 20th Dec 2017
  • Fenix for twitter 2.4.4 released on 11th Dec 2017


Alternatives for the Fenix for Twitter Apk

TweetDeck Apk

TweetDeck Apk is working as same as the Fenix for Twitter Apk. The functions of TweetDeck is almost same as the twitter like, twitter feeds and make it more managed. It supports the shortening URLs by using different services, posts, and hosts the images on other websites and scheduled the tweets to post them automatically when you are offline.

Tweet bot Apk

Tweet bot Apk is having full Fenix for Twitter Apk features and its personal features also. It is having the Crafted interface and animation and sound and it provides the multiple timelines features and smart gestures, there is lots of information which you may fall to love about Tweet bot Apk

Twidere Apk

Twidere Apk is a completely based on the Fenix for Twitter Apk. It is 100% design by material. Twidere gives the advantage of classic reply of 140 characters. It is having the restore button on the place of like button. It also scheduled the tweets on offline mode. Tweets attached with videos and photos are posted.

Choqok Apk

Choqok Apk supports the service of microblogging. It supports the service of microblogging and websites of self-hosted Status Net. It also supports the timelines of Public, favorite and friends reply. Choqok Apk supports the send and receives service of the direct message. It helps to access multiple Accounts. It supports the search services of APIs. Choqok Apk also provides the service of K-Wallet integration. This Apk has the ability to know about the new status arriving at the user.

Gwibber Apk

Gwibber Apk is a client for open source microblogging and develops with the Python and GTK. It gives the most used website in the web series of the social networking. It supports the different social networks and provides a combined stream of all your messages.

Birdie Apk

Birdie Apk is a good and attractive Apk. It is available easily and anyone can download it without facing any problem. You can easily access and browse the streaming of your twitter account In this Apk with having the infinitely scrolling interface of it.


So, all the information is given below about the Fenix for Twitter Apk. The given article is containing all the aspects about the Apk. There is no any doubt for saying that Fenix for Twitter Apk is the best available Apk at the present time. If you are still having any issue while accessing the Fenix for Twitter Apk, then feel free to ask about your queries.

We hope that you find this post helpful on Fenix for Twitter Apk, if you find this post helpful and it helps you to use Fenix for Twitter Apk, then share it with your friends and family. If you still have any doubt then please drop your queries, feedback or any sort of questions in the comment section.

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