Cooking Fever Mod APK Unlimited Coins And Gems Download Latest Version (2018)

Cooking fever mod apk

Cooking Fever is a cooking simulation game available for android and ios platform. This game is developed by Nordcurrent. This company is famous for its game developing and publishing works. This game is all about cooking and restaurants. In this game players manage different restaurants by making great dishes, drinks, serving to the customers. By doing this user can earn money in this game.

  • This game was released in 2015 but with time it has become one of the most popular cooking game for mobile platform. Cooking fever mod apk is having more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

What Is Cooking Fever Game All About?

It is a cooking based game available on different platforms. You are an aspiring and skilled chef who gets a restaurant.  In this game you have to cook food for different clients at different restaurants. You have to survive a waves of clients who will ask you to make different kinds of fast foods like hot dogs, pizza, burgers etc. To reach to the next level you have to follow instructions to prepare each order ( to cook different meals like burger, you have to place the bread in the plate then serve it to the clients.

In this game you have to show your management skill to reach to the next level. You have complete given order very fast because if you are taking much time then your client will get angry and can leave you without paying. Be quick so that your client will happy and pay you some extra bucks.

At the end of round you can invest your game money to upgrade your kitchen tools. You can also choose what you want to upgrade with your money. You can upgrade your frying pan so that your meat will be cooked sooner. You can buy toppers to store more food.

After completing few rounds of Cooking Fever, you can upgrade the looks of your own restaurants by investing some money in them. By doing this it will attract more clients than before and you will earn more money.

If you want to reach to next level very fast so that you can get some extra products in app purchases that will help you to reach to next level. If you want to earn some gems by legal tricks do follow our article.

Basic Tips For Cooking Fever

If you have just downloaded this cooking fever mod apk, then we will tell you how to gets started and earn more in this game. These are the important tips you should follow while playing this game –

  • Gems are very to important in this game to reach to new level. By these you can get some of your tools upgraded. If you are short on gems then you can buy them too in app purchase or by downloading cooking fever mod apk.
  • Coins are easier to earn in this game but also plays an important role in this game. By playing completed levels again and again you can earn more coins By these you can upgrade your restaurants. These restaurants will also give you some money on daily basis. You have to collect them manually from your owned restaurants.
  • Customers get angry if they are waiting for a long for their order. They can leave your restaurant without paying you if you are not quick. Always try to cook your meal very fast so that you’ll get tip from them.
  • Kitchen tools upgrades are necessary to reach to a higher level. By upgrading these you can cook your meal very fast. By completing your order can reach to a higher level.
  • Restaurants can be purchased by using earned coins and gems (you can buy them too. New restaurant gets available when your XP increases. (don’t buy any restaurants when they gets available in the game)
  • Avoid Challenges until you fully upgrade your kitchen equipment. While playing this game you ‘ll have to invest in kitchen tools then go further to participate in various challenges.

Features Of Cooking Fever Game


These are the features of this Cooking Fever Game –

  • More than 300 levels present in this game.
  • More than 250 dishes to cook by using several 100 ingredients.
  • Different restaurants available and will be unlocked when you reach to higher level.
  • More than 100 upgrades available for your kitchen tools.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Details

  •  Latest Version – 2.7.2
  •  Developer – Nordcurrent
  •  Released on –  25 Feb, 2015
  •  Compatible with – Android and Ios
  •  Size – 56.38 MB
  • Last Updated On – 7 May, 2018
  • Downloads – 100 Million +

Tricks To Gain More Cooking Fever Gems

If you want to earn some gems in Cooking Fever game in a legal way than do follow these tricks. By these tricks you can reach to the new level very fast. So lets get started –

  • Return to Cooking Fever game n daily basis ( after seven days of gameplay  you will receive two gems per day on daily basis ).
  • Play casino after claiming your daily income from your owned restaurants (you can win 15 gems per day in casino. To win you ‘ll need 5k to 25 k coins to get 15 gems.
  • Increase your XP level in Cooking Fever game (each time when you reach to a new XP level then you’ll receive 2 gems. In this game you should try to increase your XP level on daily basis.

By Following these strategies , you can earn upto 35 gems per day (7 gems for higher XP level, 2 gems for welcome back reward, 30 gems from this casino ). We can only play casino two times a day in this game because it requires lot of coins to play in the casino. We advice you to play casino one time a day  you upgrade your XP level which will give you 24 gems per day.

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How to Download Cooking Fever Mod Apk

If you want unlimited coins and gems in this game then we will tell you how can you download the cooking fever apk mod

  • Go to Google Search.
  • Search Cooking Fever Mod Apk with Unlimited Coins and Gems.
  • Click on the website showed in the result.
  • Then download the latest mod from website.

After downloading click on install button.

Now you have successfully installed mod apk of this game and can enjoy this game with unlimited coins and gems.



Cooking Fever is really a great game to play. It is quite addictive as well as gets complicated when you reach to a new level. In this game you can upgrade your kitchen tools and restaurants  to earn more gems and reach to new level which will increase your XP in the game. It is a fun to play game which needs lot of patience. This game also supports in app purchases, if u want to buy some extra coins or gems then you can buy then from real money and can support the developer. You can give it a try to this Cooking Fever game.

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