Nova Launcher Prime Apk Available For Android Latest Version (2018)

Nova Launcher prime
Nova Launcher prime is a stunning launcher that allows for customization in every aspect of the home screen, folders as well as icons. The best feature that stands top and differs from other launcher is its graphics quality. It also offers a 3-dimensional transition even in a simple action ‘sliding’ so as to switch between the desktops. Apart from all these, the Nova launcher prime also allows you to customize icons on different desktops and settings backup which allow you to import them to some other devices.

This allows you to have the style of your mobile on your Android tablet if you really like your mobile phone style. So this launcher allows combining the elegance with versatility so as to offer an exotic home screen with full of unique as well as new attractive possibilities. So, check out the Nova launcher Prime today to enjoy all its amazing offers.


Excellent Features Offered in Nova Launcher Prime:

Nova Launcher Prime is favorite for many users of Android as it offers customized features which help the users to have their anticipated mobile style.

Hide Folders

It offers an excellent way to access all the commonly used applications of your mobile in a quick manner without littering up the home screen. You can create a hidden app folder in this launcher and you can make all your favorite apps as a single icon. When the icon is pressed it will open the 1st app but if you swipe the icon then the folder will be opened by showing all the related apps. Here are the steps to do that action.

  • To set this feature, drag all apps and have it in a single folder which you will do normally.
  • Then long-press the folder and select the Edit option.
  • Press the icon to select a different option like changing the folder name, and adjusting the Tap Action and Swipe to Open settings.
  • Flick the toggle Swipe to Open to right and from the drop-down menu of Tap action, select the 1st option.
  • You can also make your folders in a transparent manner by opening the Nova settings> select Folders, then select Background and make the transparency to 100%.


Swipe Actions Offered On Apps

It also allows using swipe actions to open other apps which are related to some other apps. Steps to do this action are in the following.

  • Select the Edit option by long-pressing the icon.
  • Choose the Swipe action to select your needed option.

Swipe Action Offered on Home Screen

 This launcher allows you to make use of all the swipe actions. This allows you to add swipe-up gesture on your home screen. Follow these steps to have this option.
  • Open the settings of Nova.
  • Go to Gestures & inputs and use the gesture section to select which one you want from double-tap gestures, pinch gestures, a two-finger swipe, rotate gestures and much more.

Lock The Screen By Double Tap

This is a highlighting option and it allows you to lock your device by double tapping. To perform this option, follow the steps.

  • Get into Nova settings.
  • Press the Gestures & inputs and then choose double tap option, select the Screen lock.

Smooth Scrolling

If you use the same widget on multiple screens of the launcher and activate the scroll effect of Nova launcher, it really offers a pleasing experience in moving the screens. Follow the below steps to do this action.

  • Open the Nova settings.
  • Then choose Desktop > Scroll effect and select the Wipe option from the list.

Add Tabs Of App Drawer

App Drawer is a one-stop shop for all the apps in Android and this launcher also allows you to add some extra tabs so as to swipe left as well as right. You can also name the tabs in terms of categories like music, internet, work, etc. To have this option, follow the simple steps.

  • Open the settings of Nova > App & widget drawer.
  • Enable the tab bar and head down it to the Drawer groups.
  • You can add some extra tabs with the plus sign at the top-right corner.

Make Use Of Emoji To Label The App Drawer

You can also use Emoji to label the tabs of app drawer instead of words. Follow these steps to use this option.

  • Open the Nova settings and go to App & widget drawers > Drawer groups.
  • Press the pencil icon.
  • Press the tab name and choose the emoji from the keyboard.
  • Make sure that the Tab bar is enabled before doing this action.

Change The Orientation Of Scrolling

This launcher also allows you to switch between the vertical as well as horizontal scrolling. The steps to do this action are as follows.


  • Long press anywhere in your display and then settings menu will appear at the bottom right.
  • Press the menu and select the App & widget drawers > App drawer style.
  • Then select the view that you like.

Debugging & Experimental Features

It will be very useful to unwanted menus. Follow these steps.

  • It allows you to access secret menu which consists of experimental options as well as debugging options by holding Volume Down button in Nova settings.
  • Hold it for some second, then a new option ‘Labs’ will be available at the bottom.
  • If you think that this is scary as well as dangerous, then you can remove that by long pressing the Volume Up button.

Specifications Of Nova Launcher

The amazing specification of this launcher is as follows.

  • TeslaCoil Software is the publisher of this launcher.
  • The size of the launcher is 8.35 MB.
  • It requires the Android version of 4.1 and above than that.

Installation Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The paid version of the Nova launcher prime offers many features like gesture controls, scroll effects, hiding apps, dock swipes, drawer grouping and so on. Here are some steps that will be very useful for you in installing the Nova Launcher Prime. Before installing the Nova Launcher Prime you have to Nova Launcher first. The steps for installation are as follows.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Nova Launcher and install it.
  • After completing the installation of Nova Launcher, make a tap on your device home button.
  • You will get an option for ‘Complete action using’ and select the Nova Launcher on the prompt and press always to set the launcher as a default one.
  • For customization options, launch the settings of Nova on the home screen. After installing the free version, you can view all the premium features which are labeled with prime.
  • Then you can download the Nova Launcher prime and install it.
  • Once the Nova Launcher Prime is installed, all the premium features of the launcher will be automatically unlocked.

Now you can customize the features you need.

Nova Launcher Vs Nova Launcher Prime:

The Nova Launcher Prime offers more customization features when compared to the free version. This allows you to choose your lovable style and appearance to your mobile. Also, the Nova Launcher Prime has an unread badge which provides you information about the received messages and the messages you have to read. The RAM, as well as storage, is made brilliant in the Nova Launcher Prime when compared to the free version.

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Conclusion :

Since the Nova Launcher Prime offers you such wonderful options, what are you waiting for? Soon buy and install Nova Launcher Prime so as to enjoy all exciting features. Change the color, icon themes, animations, layouts and much more with Nova Launcher Prime apk.

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