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Yutaka Takasaki was not over ambitious when he created Neko Atsume virtual game for children. It is not a glossy mythological game with massive hard rock adventure and excitement. Nor is it packed with war, revenge and destruction. Neko Atsume is a new gaming platform. Playing with rare cats and fish must be adventurous. In this articles, we will discuss about some amazing Neko Atsume Tips & Tricks that will blow your mind.

If you are a newcomer in the world of Neko, you should check free demos to learn specifically about the themes, objectives and activities of newly born cats. Experts give tricks to earn more silver and goldfish to control cats. You don’t invest fiat money or cryptocurrencies to buy goldfish from vendors. Neko Atsume in Japanese version has been translated into English to enchant European gamers. So be cunning, proactive and extremely prompt to attract cats in your backyard using dishes of palatable fish.

You can play this game on Windows and Mac PC with the help of an Android emulator. There are many Android emulator but the best one we recommend you is, Nox Player.

Neko Atsume Tips & Tricks

1. Play Neko Atsume With Pleasure

Neko Atsume stands for “cats collection” in the Japanese language. Install Neko Atsume software on your android tool to play the game vigorously. Hit Point has had developed this Neko Atsume game. In whispering sound, do navigation to meet excellent cats in the garden. They will enter into the backyard and hover. They are joyous to search for food. They are not empty-handed. These magnificent cats are resourceful with a lot of gold/silverfish in various shapes.

2. Use Trickery To Have Advantages


Decorate lawn of the garden with colourful dishes, toys and food items. Cats are hungry with eagerness to nibble at delicious food. So, gamers have to use different types of gaming tricks to convince cats. For instance, cats are not similar in likelihood and taste. Few pet cats are desirous of having special dishes. Say, King Xerxes is a luxurious cat which doesn’t care anyone. He needs fabulous Zanzibar Cushion or sushi. It is sumptuous. He has to spend 5 goldfish to have mouth-watering dish.

You must be clever. Go to King Xerxes and lure it by giving Zanzibar Cushion. Well, the mode of currency is the fish in this game. Before leaving for their respective dens, they will gift fish either in silver or gold. Gamers or trainers must have objectives to bag goldfish comparing to silver ones.

3. No Need To Spend Money

Sometimes, cats are not frequent to move or pay visits to your garden. In this case, your treasure will not be jam-packed with fish currencies. Buy goldfish from IAP hub. However, customers don’t take it more seriously as it is free to offer to have goldfish from the archive. So, no financial investment is needed by players.

4. Use Stored Silver Fish


Use the stock of silverfish to have gold currencies. That means, in case your account has 500 silverfish, sell it and buy goldfish to accelerate scores on the dashboard. Don’t trail behind. Instead of spending all your silverfish, utilize these currencies later. Goldfish are not common but silverfish is still important to a gamer.

5. Select 15 Percent Discount

Uncommon cats are precious as they distribute more gold and freebie. In return, gamers must arrange qualitative continental dishes to entertain these delegates. Dishes of sashimi are valued by these creatures. One dish of sashimi costs 5 goldfish. Neko Atusume game developer has encouraged fans by offering reliable 15 percent discounts. This promo code will help you to tempt cats to purchase the world-class food.


6. Earn More Silver Fish During Emergency

All cats don’t have the stamina to rush for catching any type of expensive food. They are not wild to eat whatever seems to be much spicy and costly. Intelligent bidders always try to have credits by hook or by crook to stay comfortable in the adverse situation. When you have less amount of currencies, please don’t regret. You should be active with swiftness to make nice deals in the long run. Frisky Bitz is not made of hi-fi components and awe-inspiring spices. This cost-efficient dish will enable you to earn a pack of 30 silverfish. So, you will have the strength to fight back.

7. Change Date and Time To Have Benefits

Cats are not present in the garden. So, the chance of getting fish is low. If there is no cat, you will have no currency. What will you do at night? The trick is that restore your Android handset to the previous date. This change in timing will be a gateway to expect quick returns. When sunlight appears, it will give you good news of productive deals overnight. However, please do one thing in advance. The clock of your smartphone should match the timetable of Neko game. Next morning, you must adjust time properly and wait for normalcy. It takes time for internal clock of Neko to tick perfectly. If you face unusual response, contact Neko Atsume customer care for help.

8. Use Swiftkey To Have Backup Regularly

Neko Atsume declares encrypted passwords. These are useful to have few fish regularly. Users have to do all formalities to activate the passwords. Android settings must be reset. If you are uncomfortable to make data entry correctly in Japanese dialect, transcribe it into English. Or hit the Google Translator online for content transcription. Swiftkey is coded digitally. Every day there will be new swiftkeys or passwords to collect a handful of fish.

9. Try To Win Every Cat – Control Rare Cat

Apply your brain to generate new strategies. Tubbs is not a regular visitor in your garden. However, he is a foodie with intention of eating all food on a single go. What will you do? He is not miser or economical. Keep him eating bowls of food and then allure him to go sleep. Or you can fill up his stomach by offering various types of solid food before departure. Then, other cats will be in a row to enter into the backyard.

Aesthete of the garden must be up to the mark. Cats are not ordinary animals. They are particular in selecting their places. That’s why have a guide for landscape refurbishment for changing the look of the garden. Convert your small backyard into a western garden. Or rustic garden décor is also surprisingly beautiful. All bowels of eatable content, a glass of milk, and toys should be placed in dynamic order. Finally, pre-set models of backyard décor are on sale at discounts. Gamers will get a nice garden with complete finishing. It will be a heavenly playground for Tubbs and King Xerxes to roam with happiness.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Neko Atsume Tips. Try these tricks and share your feedback with us.

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