GTA 6 Trailer : Grand Theft Release Date, News, Trailer and Rumors

gta 6

Action gory Hollywood movies must boil young blood with awesome impact on young sweethearts. However, video games seem to overtake Hollywood big brothers by painting characters in marvelous 3D format. Holographic display with Dolby sound effect must inspire Generation Z viewers to burn their hearts in the furnace of excitement, thrill, and adventure.

Grand Theft Auto game is totally digitized to entice gamers. This multimedia gorgeous game has powered Rockstar to reshape its financial career. GTA I, II, III, IV, and V versions got the fabulous response from the people. Now, young children and newbie dream of watching VI version on the compatible game console.

However, still, this edition of GTA 6 is yet to be released, game lovers hit social media sites to have a look at the GTA 6 trailer and reviews on GTA VI edition.

Here is some information about GTA 6

Special Features of GTA 6 Version

• GTA 6 with VR support
• Fast game playing
• Terrific background sound
• Compatibility with PS4 and Xbox
• Online tech support
• New adventure
• Classic verticals in costume and cosmetic makeup

gta 6

After Terrific Success- Rockster Expecting another Victory

In 2013, Rockstar earned $800 million first day of the release of the game –IV version. It continued getting a high volume of revenues and rewards. Within 3 days, Rockstar bagged $1 billion. So, the popularity of GTA can’t be minimized. The audience must have hidden patience and energy to wait for the new edition.

According to GTA fans, since 1997, they were addicted to GTA as every episode was extremely glossy. War, struggle, insurgency, gunfire, surveillance and nocturnal air strikes to overpower enemies pleased them. They thanked Rockstar team for launching such superb video game in an optimized format.

What about background and plot construction? What is the main theme of the game? Who is the culprit? Well, it is a mainstream multimedia game with a touch of reality. That means GTA 6 characters are bold, vibrant and impressive. They are not fictitious on the digital platform. Director spent a lot of time to rejuvenate every protagonist. Music is unforgettable. However, the sixth edition of GTA will be typical due to the introduction of female actresses.

Female Characters Used in GTA 6 Edition

GTA has been utilizing females for 20 years. It is an asset to them to win viewers. It makes the game interesting to tempt adolescent gamers. In the storyline, female characters will have supremacy in the male-dominated kingdom. They will be smart, brave, straightforward, cute and innovative.

gta 6

The official press release has confirmed the utilization of womanhood in this edition. The handful of female protagonists will be seen acting in GTA VI edition. It is sure that they will not appear only as the entertainer, Hope it will something more for GTA 6 female.

The ambiance is not cool owing to the activities of insurgents and mafia dons. They rule to disturb the society. Narcotic elements, wine, bribery, marijuana and harmful brown sugar must cripple youngsters. Children are being smashed. Women are molested and oldies are taken to street forcefully. So, the police must be active to teach these urchins a lesson.

Is it possible for an Asia born female sleuth to tackle wicked free radicals? Will they be successful to knock enemies down on the ground?

Blend of Awesome Characters

An African American woman must be visible with a decent smile to the sooth audience. You will also find Hispanic blood in GTA game- sixth version. Ulrika must have goodwill for her beauty with a Scandinavian ethos to attract people. My Goodness! They are all elegant with good conscience to transform the world showcasing their luminescent beauty.

gta 6

Well, when someone is struggling with insecurity, it is an appropriate time for a maverick lady to come forward. She must have an immense life force and willing power to destroy whatever is black. Certainly, it is worth the effort for her to rescue victims.

GTA 6 is a model for girls who want to join navy, military, and administration. One of the leading characters in this colorful game will be a female police officer who visits the city for controlling criminals with a lightweight AK 47 in hand and eyes dazzle in anger. She is intelligent and cunning and also has the resolution to wipe out crime from the city. GTA 6 will depict such an ideal female representative of the society.

At present, women are fighting for more freedom in speech and workplaces. They are the claimer of equal power in the administration. The world will not be strong if women are weak. So, GTA VI lends the voice to women for social recognition with awe-inspiring emancipation.

Restoration of 70-80s

On the other hand, GTA  6 will be a role-playing game. In the 70s and 80s, the demand for blaxploitation character sketching with Hispanic temperament was prominent in Hollywood movies. Black people were projected as innocent. Their women have a divine spirit. They are modest as well. To some extent, African American concepts to renew characters in the fountain of blaxploitation have been re-engineered to brush up this sixth edition.

So, this upcoming game will have the flavor of altruism, humanism, brotherhood and womanhood. However, it will also be rendezvous of unbeaten characteristics of great women who save the world from downfall. So, variety and diversities in plot construction, character painting and content illustration must have qualitative exposure make New Millennials spellbound.

GTA 6 trailer:

Rockstar has not yet released their official GTA 6 trailer, but it can be expected that it will be a mysterious and short span video that will ignite your curiosity. Here you can enjoy the fanmade version of GTA 6 trailer.

Rockstar will release the official trailer few months or a year before the BIG release of GTA 6.

Controversy over Release Date of  GTA 6th Edition

After a proxy announcement regarding the immediate premier show of the sixth edition of GTA way back to 2014, Rockstar apologized for the rumor. They regrate about the failure.

However, the audience is expecting another bad jolt after a declaration of the retirement of Leslie Benzes, the president of Rochester North. Maybe, it will delay the launching date. Till now; none claims its authenticity whether GTA 6 will hit the virtual box office this year or at least by 2022.

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The last word

The game programming is on. Experienced game designers and technical staff members do table work at the studio. GTA VI version won’t be defunct. It will energize young generation. Components in this video game should be boosters to refurbish characters for teens. In between, online demos and reviews lure people.

Social media sites give room for publication of comments and short blogs on this futuristic multimedia gaming series. Non-English speaking viewers must have time for evaluation. If they have pre-set knowledge, they will have the least language barrier to understand Hispanic accents. Then, make your PS4 ready to run GTA 6 game for starting a crusade against jihadists.

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